Cal Poly Pomona

GAAP and Tax

Our mission is to provide timely and accurate financial statements that are compliant with federal and state tax laws. Utilizing Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP), we deliver information from the audit process to the publication of reports that is free of bias and inconsistencies.

- Candace Snodgrass, GAAP and Tax Manager


  • Coordinate and provide financial information for internal and external financial and tax audits.
  • Provide accurate and timely financial statements, reports and tax return filings.
  • Frequent financial analysis to ensure integrity of financial records and quality of data.
  • Maintain Capital Assets
  • WASC Reporting
  • Non-resident Alien Tax Compliance (NRAT)

Contact Information:

For comments, suggestions and/or areas of concern, please contact:

Candace Snodgrass, GAAP and Tax Manager
Telephone: 909-869-3191

Please e-mail with any comments or questions.