2000 M.Eng. Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University

1976 MSc. Aeronautical Engineering USAF Institute of Technology

1966 DIS Loughborough University, UK

1966 BSc. Honors Aeronautical Engineering Loughborogh University, UK

1961 B.Sc. Mathematics & Physics Emerson College, Panjab University

Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Mechanical Engineering in the State of California. Registration #27023.

Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Aerospace Engineering, State of Florida. Registration #31962.

Professional Affiliations:

Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Member, AIAA, Air-Breathing Propulsion Technical Committee.

Chair, Air-Breathing Propulsion Subcommittee, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Area's of Interest:

Airplane Design.

Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control Analysis.

High-speed aerodynamics.


"Performance prediction of a triple spool, low bypass turbofan." AIAA Aerospace Sciences Conference, Reno 2000

"Prediction of mixing and shock noise of F 100-PW-229 turbofan axisymmtric, exhaust nozzle." NASA Technical Memorandum, NASA Dryden, 1997

"Performance prediction of Russian nK-321, Turbofan engine used on "Black-Jack"." NASA Technical Memorandum, NASA Dryden, 1996

"An overview of gas turbine propulsion Technology."AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, Indianapolis, 1994

"Turbulence Research on a 2-D free jet in the presence of a cross flow component utilizing an X-wire sensor." USAF Institute Of Technology, 1976

Research Background:

"The flow of Blood through Human Heart Arteries" at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories, California Institute of Technologies, Pasadena California.

"Design of Low turbulence Level, Subsonic Annular Test Section Wind Tunnel for experimental modeling of large scale structure of turbulence in turbo machinery.

"Active Aeroservoelastic Modeling of A flexible Airplane" under USAF contract #F33615-88c-3625 September 1988 at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, Burbank.

"High Alpha Aerodynamics for advanced Tactical Fighter " at Lockheed Aeronautical systems Co., Burbank, California.

"Energy Maneuverability and Management" (Pakistan Air Force Engineering Academy).

"An experimental study of the impact of winglets on the range and endurance of Lockheed Hercules C-130”  (Pakistan Air Force Engineering Academy).

" Enhancing the agility of MIG19 for air- to- air combat effectiveness utilizing leading edges strakes” (Pakistan Air Force Engineering Academy).

'Determination of the "cooling drag" caused by 21 scoops around the Fuselage of the MIG19 and its impact on the performance (Pakistan Air Force Engineering Academy).




Contact Information:
Work: (909)- 869-2501
Fax: (909)- 869-6926