Cal Poly Pomona

Fee Advisory Committee Members 2012-2013

Academic Senate Representatives

Fei Kang, Accounting Department, College of Business Administration (x4539)

George Proctor, Architecture Department, College of Environmental Design (x4728)

Associated Students, Inc. Representatives

James Cox, ASI President  (x3627)

Fayz Ashker, ASI Treasurer (x3633)

Dhaval Patel, Student-At-Large – IHC Representative

Jai Oni Sly, ASI CEIS Senator (x3632)

Melanie Young, ASI Business Senator (x3632)

Administrative Representative

Ms. Susan Reese – Projects & Services Manager, Instructional & Information & Technology (x6344)

Ms. Lisa Rotunni – Executive Director, ,Institutional Research & Academic Resources (x2474)

Ex-Officio Members

Ms. Cora Culla – Executive Director, ASI (x2837)

Mr. Darwin Labordo – Associate Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services (x2008)

Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton - Vice President for Student Affairs (3310)

Staff Support Members

Ms. Kathy Harper - Assistant to the AVP, Finance & Administrative Services, Administrative Affairs (x4509)

Mr. Mark Lopez - Director of Budget Services (x2928)