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Teacher Credential Program

Students in the Credential Program are considered 5th year undergraduate students, not post baccalaureate, for Financial Aid purposes. The types of financial aid available to students pursuing a teaching credential are very specific and different from undergraduate or graduate aid types.


To be considered for financial aid, Credential students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When completing your FAFSA, the questions below should be answered in the following manner:

  • Question #29 - 5th Year/Other Undergraduate.

  • Question #30 - Teaching Credential Program (Non-Degree Program).

  • Question #48 - No.


Admissions Requirements

Your admission status determines the types of financial aid for which you qualify. TEP students who are provisionally admitted to the program per the Admissions Office are considered in a "pre-admit" status. These students are only eligible for undergraduate level loans.

Once a Credential student is admitted into the Credential program (Submitted their Program Admissions Packet) by the Credential Office, they may be eligible for grant aid, depending on their EFC.


Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements to receive aid for Credential students are the same as for undergraduate students. Pell Grant will be adjusted based on crdential units.

Full time

12 units TED and above

Three Quarter time

9 - 11 units

Half - time

6 - 8 units

Less than half time and not eligible for financial aid

1 - 5 units


Financial Aid Available

Credential students taking pre-requisites are eligible for Subsidized Direct Loans and Unsubsidized Direct Loans at the undergraduate level. Students in this status are eligible for one year only (four consecutive quarters) of loan aid while completing the requirements to be officially admitted into the Credential  Program. Please note: Even if you do not attend one of your “consecutive” quarters, it will still be counted towards the time limit. Admitted students can be eligible for: Pell Grant, State University Grant, and Stafford Loan.

Note: Pell Grant funds are only paid on those units required to get your Initial Credential (Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Education Specialist) A list of these classes is provided by the College of Education and Integrative Studies. (Need to be in at least 6 units each quarter to be eligible for any Pell Grant.) Not all courses are eligible towards receiving your Pell Grant funds.

2nd Teacher Credential Program Students (Administrative Service Credentials and Specialist Credential Students with a prior Credential) are only eligible for, Stafford Loans (5th year undergrad level) or Alternative Loans. They are NOT ELIGIBLE for any grant aid.

Following census, classes will be reviewed to determine if they are required credential courses. If not, your Pell Grant funds will be adjusted, and you may owe funds back to the University.

Here is a listing of the Required Credential Classes for Pell Awards (DOCX).


Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Forbearance Programs

For more information on the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Application  is used to evaluate an FFEL Program or a Direct Loan Program borrower's eligibility for up to $5,000 in forgiveness benefits for highly qualified teachers or up to $19,000 for highly qualified mathematics, science, and special education teachers.

The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Forbearance form  is used to determine forbearance eligibility for FFEL or Direct Loan borrowers who are completing their teaching service requirements before applying for teacher loan forgiveness.


Academic Progress

Students in the Credential Program must meet the following academic progress definitions to remain eligible for financial aid:

  • You are required to complete 80% of your attempted units each year.

  • You are required to end the academic year with at 2.0 cumulative GPA or better.

  • When you reach 67.5 units attempted, you will no longer be eligible for financial aid.

  • You are required to complete Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have one credential and now I am working toward another credential, am I eligible for financial aid?
A: You will only be eligible for, Stafford Loan (5th year undergrad levels) or Alternative Loans.

Q: I am taking classes to prepare for the CSET, am I eligible for financial aid?
A: Students taking classes to prepare for tests are not eligible for financial aid.

Q: I am in the blended program am I considered an undergraduate or post graduate?
A: You are considered an undergraduate student for financial aid funding until you receive your first BA or BS degree.

Q: I am enrolled in the Credential program, but I am also in a Masters program. What is my status and what kind of aid am I eligible for?

A: You will be treated as a Masters student for financial aid purposes. You need to be in the Credential Program (only) to be considered for Pell Grant and can not be in the Master's Program.