Cal Poly Pomona

Department Facilities

Landscape view of some of the College of Agriculture buildings

The College of Agriculture is located in several locations on campus. Bldg. 2 and Bldg. 45   house classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices, as well as bldg. 7.

  • Production units including a complete citrus packing house, a meat science processing laboratory, and a honey extraction unit.
  • A farm store and landscape nursery.
  • 40,000 sq.ft. of green houses and shade houses.
  • 700 acres devoted to pastures, crops, groves, and ornamental plantings.
  • Livestock units that house cattle, swine, and sheep.
  • Pine Tree Ranch, a 53 acre citrus and avocado ranch in Ventura Country.
  • The W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, a modern horse breeding, training, and showing facility.
  • The Equine Research Center, specializing in the research of equine nutrition, physiology, and management of all horse breeds.
  • The Apparel Technology and Research Center, an outreach education and resource information service to the apparel and sewn products industry.
  • The Center for Turf, Irrigation, and Landscape Technology (CTILT), which addresses landscape and irrigation issues through testing, research and education.
  • The Center for Antimicrobial Research and Food Safety, which addresses foodborne pathogens.
  • The Westwind Ranch, 1000 acres located in the city of Chino , is a center for forage and grain production for our livestock and the local dairy industry. This high tech farm utilizes GPS driven tractors, modern linear irrigation technologies, and serves as a valuable open space for birds and wildlife of the Chino Valley .
  • The Spadra Ranch, 125 acres located approximately one mile from campus, is devoted to vegetable and fruit production as well as a home to numerous student and faculty research projects. A new organic production enterprise encompasses 10 acres of this ranch producing certified organic fruits and vegetables for the farm store and farmers markets.
  • Agriscapes, directly across the street from the main campus, is a showcase facility featuring classrooms, a visitor center, a farm store, and a new ornamental horticulture unit. Over 40,000 square feet of greenhouse supports research and production of edible and ornamental plants, the Raymond Burr Orchid Collection, Weeks Roses research and rose breeding facilities, hydroponic production, and plans for a future conservatory.
  • A Model Agriculture Education Classroom is housed in bldg. 2. This "smart" technology classroom is for application-based hands on learning activities. This classroom is dedicated to developing the skills of students preparing to enter agricultural education professions.