Cal Poly Pomona

FST Mission

Food Science and Technology Program

Vision: to be the leading food science program in Southern California and the premier program in the California State University System.

Mission: to provide education in food science and technology through theory and applications within the framework of Cal Poly Pomona’s “learn by doing Philosophy” and with an emphasis in undergraduate studies.  Within the mandate of the CSU for access we seek to provide opportunities for education to Californians interested in the food science field and increase the number of food scientists from underrepresented groups.


FST Program Goals

1. The program will prepare graduates for entry level Food Science careers and/or admittance to Food Science related postgraduate training programs.

2. The program will prepare students to become practicing professionals in the field of Food Science and Technology.

3. The program will provide a fundamental knowledge base for students to be practicing
professionals in Food Science and Technology fields. ( FST Program Goals)

FST Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. To describe the chemistry underlying the properties and reactions of various food

2. To describe the principles behind analytical techniques associated with food.

3. To describe the principles which make a food product safe for consumption.

4. To identify the basic principles and practices of cleaning and sanitation in food processing

5. To describe the source and variability of raw food material and their impact on food processing operations.

6. To identify the conditions, including sanitation practices, under which the important
pathogens and spoilage microorganisms are commonly inactivated, killed or made harmless in foods.

7. To identify the conditions under which the important pathogens are commonly inactivated, killed or made harmless in foods.

8. To describe the important pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in foods and the
conditions under which they will grow.

9.To apply and incorporate the principles of food science in practical, real world situations
and problems.

10. To apply the principles of food science to control and assure the quality of food products.

11.To use computers to solve food science problems.

FST Program Goals and SLO Mapping

Program Assessment