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  • Advisory Committee (AY2002-3)
  • Alpha Imager Utilization Committee
  • Cell and Molecular Biology Equipment Committee (AY2002-3)
  • Cell Biologist/Histologist Search Committee-Very successful search-Dr. Robert Talmadge (2000)
  • Chair of Budget Committee (AY2002-3)
  • Chair of Zoology Majors Committee (AY2002-3)
  • Chair Selection Committee (AY2001-2)
  • Chair, BioKeck DRILL Project Committee (AY1997-2000)
  • Chair, ILI-Grant proposal: Electron Microscope Committee
  • Chair, Microscopy Center Committee (AY1996-2003)
  • Chair, Personnel Committee (AY 2000-1 to AY2001-2)
  • Core Curriculum Advisory Committee (AY2001-3)
  • Department Reorganization Committee (AY2002)
  • Developmental Biologist Search Committee (2003)
  • Edge 3D Scope Utilization Committee
  • Electron Microscopy Center, Co-Director with Dr. David Campbell
  • Facilities Committee (AY2002-3)
  • Graduate Major Committee (AY1996-2003)
  • Long Range Planning Committee (AY2002-3)
  • MBRS Advisory Committee, P.I. Representative
  • Molecular and Cell Biology Committee, Coordinator (AY2002-3)
  • Neurophysiologist Search Committee Very successful search-Dr. Michael Silverman (2000)
  • Policy on Department Chairman Committee (AY2002)
  • Scheduling Committee (AY2002-3)
  • SEES Advisor
  • Thesis Advisor and/or Committee member for 15 Master's students

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