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Logotype Bar

Cal Poly Pomona Logotype Bar

Publication covers are critical in conveying a visual concept or message. The logotype bar, which should appear on the front cover of a majority of all communications, contributes to the university identity by offering a strong visual element. The logotype bar consists of the university's logotype knocked out or printed white in a black bar. The name "Cal Poly Pomona" is the only type permitted within the bar.


The placement and proportion of the logotype relative to the bar has been carefully considered and should remain consistent at all times. The measurement marked x below represents the cap height and determines the width of the logotype bar, as well as the positioning of the name " Cal Poly Pomona " to the right edge. To ensure correct use of the logotype and its proportion in the bar, five sizes have been created in the download section based on commonly used publication sizes. Use the size that is closest.

Cal Poly Pomona Logotype Bar Size Specs


The length of bar should be positioned horizontally and extend the full width of the publication front cover. It may be positioned at several different points along the vertical axis. In most cases, the bar is most successful placed in one of the five locations below.

Logobar top
Far Top Of Page
Logobar Top Third Place
Top Third
Logobar Middle
Logobar Bottom Third
Bottom Third
Logobar Bottom
Far Bottom

If the bar is placed on the top or bottom third of the page, avoid positioning it too close to the edge of the paper, which will leave an undesirable thin space between the edge of the logotype bar and the page.


Due to the logotype positioned on the right side of the logotype bar, all sizes and positions of the logotype bar must bleed correctly from the right and/or other sides to maintain the correct proportion. (A bleed is an extra amount of a printed image that extends beyond the trim edge of the sheet or page.) Publication designers using the file provided in the download section should extend the logotype bar as needed to ensure the appropriate bleed.

If the logotype bar cannot be used according to the guidelines above, it is recommended that the logotype bar II be used as an alternative on a cover.

Clear Zone

The logotype bar should always sit on top of the background, unobstructed by any other type or imagery. The background may be white, a solid color or an image. At no time will the bar have other text, graphic devices and/or shapes added to it.


Cal Poly Pomona should knock out or print white. If the type knocks out, it will be the color of the paper stock on which it is printed. The bar should print a 100% solid black.


There is no need to typeset the logotype bar. Several EPS files have been created for common publication sizes and bleed placements. Use the correct version depending on these two factors.


  • The Cal Poly Pomona name should always be set as the logotype.
  • The shape of the logotype bar should never be altered.
  • The logotype bar should never be screened or shown in a color other than 100% black.
  • The logotype bar should not be positioned at an angle. It must remain parallel to the horizontal axis.
  • Never distort the logotype bar or change its proportion.
  • Never crop or embellish the logotype bar.
  • The logotype bar should never be combined with any other trademark, logo, word mark, etc.
  • Never create a new logo that incorporates the logotype bar.
  • The logotype bar can be used on either portrait or landscape cover formats, but it must always be parallel to the horizontal axis.
  • Use the correct EPS file for the logotype bar position and size.