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California State Polytechnic University, Pomona is the university's official name and should appear on all official documents including stationery. Cal Poly Pomona is the more informal name and can be used in conjunction with the logo, as well as the logotype bar and the word mark. Cal Poly Pomona should always appear in one line. Never abbreviate "Cal Poly" by omitting the word " Pomona ."

Each Cal Poly Pomona college, school, department or other unit must use its full name on all communications. Initials should not be used as the prime identifier. The first time the college name appears in written text, it must be spelled out, with the acronym appearing immediately after it in parentheses. Initials are acceptable in subsequent text.

The following are visual elements of the nomenclature:

Official University Name

  California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


University Logo and Logotype

Cal Poly Pomona Logo With Logotype



Cal Poly Pomona Logotype

Publication Signature

Cal Poly Pomona Publication Signature

Bronco Logo

Bronco Logo

Logotype Bar

Cal Poly Pomona Logotype Bar


Logotype Bar II

Cal Poly Pomona Logotype Bar II


University Seal

University Seal

Contact Information

Similar to a publication signature, Web pages should contain contact information on division, college and department home pages. It is common for this type of information to appear in the "contact" link on a Web page and should include department name, campus location, phone number, e-mail, business hours or any other pertinent information.