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University Seal

The seal is used for all official events of the university, such as commencement and convocation. It appears only on official documents, such as presidential stationery, diplomas and resolutions, and signifies the university's approval of actions and events. The university seal and logo should never be combined.

The Meaning of the Seal

The figure in the seal's center is a representation of the head of the university's ceremonial mace, which illustrates through its five branches the major disciplines of learning basic to the curricula of the university: the arts, commerce, the humanities, the sciences and technology. Surrounding the seal is a black band that circles the designation California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and the founding date, 1938. Above the stylized mace is the motto, Instrumentum Disciplinae, which expresses the concept of learning as a tool, as a means to an end, and symbolizes the university's philosophy of career-oriented, "hands-on" education.

University Seal


The seal should be used at a size no smaller than 9/16" in diameter to prevent the details from filling in.


The university seal should never be positioned at an angle. The motto Instrumentum Disciplinae must remain parallel to the horizontal axis. It is essential that the university seal be clearly read at all times. This can be achieved by first selecting a visual image area that will not compete with or obscure the seal. In addition, the seal must be placed on a background that will not alter its legibility.

Clear Zone

A clear zone of .25x (or 1/4 the diameter of the seal) must always be maintained as shown below. No text or graphic elements may appear in this clear zone. This white space and separation from other elements is critical to maintaining the figure/ground relationship of the form and to ensuring a strong visual impact. When surrounding graphic elements visually compete with the seal, clarity and impact is reduced.

University Seal With Clear Zone


In general, the seal can appear in green PMS 349, black or as a gold foil. The seal should never appear in two colors. When a black and white application of the seal is used, it must be printed as a solid black on a white field or the reverse. At no time should it appear screened or have other graphic devices, color and/or shapes added to it.


  • The seal should not be placed on top of other type, imagery or highly textured pattern for the background that would obscure the seal.
  • The seal should not be positioned at an angle. The motto, Instrumentum Disciplinae, must remain parallel to the horizontal axis.
  • Never distort or embellish the seal, or change its proportions.
  • Never crop the seal or bleed it off the edge.
  • The university seal and logotype should not appear in close proximity.
  • Never create a new trademark, logo, etc. that incorporates the university seal.
  • The Cal Poly Pomona name should not appear in close proximity to the seal.