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Typography plays a major role in creating a consistent look on all material. The written message should be typeset in a clear and legible manner. The university's graphic standards include the use of the DIN, Univers and Centaur typeface families. Typesetting examples are shown below.

Din Engschrift

DIN Engschrift is the primary typeface recommended for titles and large header copy and phrases.

Din Engschrift Font


Univers Condensed 47 Light is the typeface designated for large amounts of copy. The letterforms in this family are highly legible because of their simplified shapes and consistent weight. Univers should typically be set in upper and lower case and can be set in italic. When a bold effect is desired, use Univers Condensed 67 Bold. This can be set as italic, as well.

Univers Condensed 47 Light Font

Univers Condensed 47 Light Italic

Univers Condensesd 67 Bold Font

Univers Condensesd 67 Bold Italic Font


Centaur is a classical serif alphabet that is included in the palette of typefaces. It provides an accent to the san serif typefaces. Consider using Centaur to highlight information such as quotes, listed information and call-out copy.

Centaur Italic is the primary form of the typeface to be used. It should be set in upper and lower case. Do not use the Roman or bold forms of Centaur. The university logotype is set all-caps in Centaur Bold, and the use of this face should be reserved for the logo as a point of distinction.

Centaur Italic Font

  Centaur Bold Font - for logotype use only

Centaur Expert Italic Oldstyle Numerals Font