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Application Process

How To Apply


  • One whose personal influence extends beyond the boundaries of the academic setting, enriching the wider community;
  • One whose strong personal traits reflect compassion, benevolence and intellectual curiosity;
  • An exemplary leader at the university;
  • An active participant in the life of the university;
  • A recognized role model for faculty and students, and;
  • An active community leader.


  • March 3 – Call for nominations
  • March 26 – Deadline for nominations
  • April 9 – Deadline for submitting statement of acceptance and intent to apply
  • May 7 – Electronic applications due
  • May 26 – Winner notified


  • A cover letter accepting the nomination and describing how the nominee meets the criteria as outlined above in the “Eligibility” section
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of support; one must be from someone not associated with the university

A one-page nomination statement must be submitted prior to the deadline outlined in the “Timeline” before applying for the award. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Once nominated, the committee will inform you of your nomination, via email, and ask you to apply. The application should follow the guidelines outlined in the “Application” section of this webpage.

All three components of the application (cover letter, CV and three letters of support) must be sent electronically to Andrea Struve at by May 7, 2014, by 5 p.m. If the files are too large to email, please burn all files to a CD or a Flash drive and deliver to Andrea Struve in the Provost’s Office (98T 7-22). The three letters of support should be sent directly to Andrea Struve via email or to:

Andrea Struve
Office of the Provost
Cal Poly Pomona University
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768

Any questions should be directed to Andrea Struve at (909) 869-4051.


After receiving the nomination statements, the George P. Hart Award Committee will inform all nominees of their nomination and of the selection process. Each nominee will be asked to submit a brief statement of acceptance and intent to apply. The statement will include an agreement to provide the specific supplementary material outlined in the section titled "Application." The committee may solicit additional information it deems necessary to make an informed decision. After a careful analysis of the nomination statements, as well as all supporting materials, the George P. Hart Award Committee will select a winner. This information will be relayed to the university president, who will inform the winner. Recipient of the award will be invited to participate in the Fall Conference activities.