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Possible TB Exposure

Possible Tuberculosis Case Identified

A general announcement was sent out to the campus community on Friday, March 8, 2013, as a result of a notification from public health officials that a Cal Poly Pomona student might be infected with tuberculosis. Shortly after the general notification, individual emails were sent out to students, facutly, and staff who may have shared close space with the potentially infected individual, thus putting them at greater risk.

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot release the name of the individual concerned. If you received a personally addressed email, you were identified as having been in class or a lab with this student, and may be at higher risk for sharing close space.

If you received this email, we are offering appointments to students to receive a TB test. You must call 909-869-4000 TO MAKE THE APPOINTMENT because it will involve the need to return for a second appointment, between 48 and 72 hours later, to have the results read. Unfortunately, we cannot set this up online through Bronco Health Manager because of the complexity of the scheduling.

If you DID NOT receive a personal email, and wish to get tested, please call us AFTER MARCH 18 when we can better accomodate your visit.

To minimize your wait during your visit for the TB test, please print out and complete this TB Contact Assessment Questionnaire ahead of time, and BRING WITH YOU TO THE APPOINTMENT. If you arrive without the form, you will be asked to complete it before your test.

Please review the following information sheets, or check the FAQ below. This web page will be updated if any additional information changes or becomes available.