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Peer Programs & Training

LGBTQ Peer Mentor Program

About the Program

The transition to college life and the often tumultuous journey to graduation is difficult for all students. However, it may be even more challenging for LGBTQ students who are often navigating the coming out process at the same time. This is a time of excitement, but can also be confusing, frightening and overwhelming. The mentoring one-on-one relationship provide a safe space for mentees to explore their feelings. The peer mentors provide support for their mentees in a safe and caring relationship as they navigate their personal, social, academic, and career goals. Mentors are role models, "myth busters", problem solvers, and opportunity advocates.

The mission of Peer Mentoring program is to help students develop a positive and healthy LGBTQ identity and to adapt to life at Cal pOly Pomona.

Our mentors are a diverse group of students with a range of college majors, LGBTQ identities and backgrounds. One thing that they all share however, is a comfortably integrated sense of sexual/gender identity that expands into all facets of their various roles on and off campus. Mentors are there to provide resources, to help the mentee explore their own personal interests, and help each mentee find a sense of community.

Request a Mentor

Step 1: Complete the LGBTQ Mentee Application (pdf)

Step 2: Return completed application to Dr. Adam Wiswell at Counseling Services, Bronco Bookstore Bldg 66-116 or by email

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Do you remember what coming out was like? What is was like to discover who you are, the excitement and challenge of fitting in at Cal Poly? Being a mentor is a special opportunity to help other students through this process. Mentors will have the opportunity to learn about important topics such as coming out, identity development, and concerns impacting the community from trained professionals. Peer mentors are special because unlike the faculty and staff they know the ins and outs of being a student at Cal Poly and how best to support the needs of mentees. This will make all the difference in helping others explore and develop a healthy LGBTQ identity. Join today!

Apply to be a mentor now! Complete the LBGTQ Mentor Application and have 2 references complete the References Form (pdfs)

Mentor FAQ's

  • What makes a good mentor?

Someone who is comfortable with sexual orientation/gender identity. A good mentor is also knowledgeable about resources in the community and experiences that are unique to the LGBTQ population. In addition, mentors are good with time management and in good academic standing. Finally, someone who is flexible, patient and excited to be part of the peer mentor program.

  • How are mentors-mentees paired?

When matching mentors and mentees, we do our best to pair students to best fit the needs of the mentees. This may be related to one's gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, special requests, or interest. However, we can't always guarantee special requests or "perfect fits."

  • How often should mentors and mentees meet?

It varies over time, in beginning mentors and mentees can meet weekly or biweekly, after a while contact may lessen, and mentors and mentees can meet on an as-needed basis. Most importantly, mentors should do what the mentee feels comfortable doing!

  • How much time does being a mentor require?

Being a mentor is fairly extensive undertaking. In addition to meeting with your mentee, we require bi-monthly meetings with other mentors and approximately 25 hours of initial training prior to getting matched with your mentee. Though we wholeheartedly believe this will be a fun and rewarding experience, we also realize it requires a lot of your time. We encourage you to be thoughtful about whether this is the right opportunity for you.


Questions about the program can be directed to program coordinator Dr. Adam Wiswell

Training Program

Currently, our programs are filled. Please contact Dr. Dao Nguyen.