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Privacy Notice

We may use and disclose medical information about you in the following ways:


To provide, coordinate or manage your health care and related services. 

This may include communicating with other health care providers regarding your treatment and coordinating and managing your health care with others.


To obtain payment for health care services you received. 

While Student Health and Counseling Services does not bill private health insurance companies, we do bill for some services and collect payment for reference lab charges.  In some instances, we may disclose medical information about you to an insurance plan when assisting you in seeing a specialist within the community.

Health Care Operations

Performing a variety of business activities. 

For example:

  1. Reviewing and evaluating the skills, qualifications, and performance of health care providers taking care of you.
  2. Cooperating with outside organizations that evaluate, certify or license health care providers, staff or facilities in a particular field or specialty.
  3. To review and improve the quality, efficiency and cost of care that we provide to you and our other patients.
  4. Cooperating with outside organizations that assess the quality of care we provide, including government agencies and private organizations.
  5. Planning for our organization’s future operations.
  6. Resolving grievances within our organization.

Persons Involved in Your Care

We do not disclose your visits to the SHS, or the reasons for your visits, to others, including spouses, parents, friends, or officials of the University.  However, we may disclose medical information about you to a relative, close personal friend or any other person you identify if that person is involved in your care and the information is relevant to your care.  If the patient is a minor, we may disclose medical information about the minor to a parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the minor except in limited circumstances when law protects such information.   We may also use or disclose medical information about you to a relative, another person involved in your care or possibly a disaster relief organization (such as the Red Cross) if we need to notify someone about your location or condition. 

Required By Law & National Priority Uses and Disclosures

There are many state and federal laws that require us to use and disclose medical information. For example, state law requires us to report gunshot wounds and other injuries to the police and to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services.  

The government has determined that under certain circumstances it is so important to disclose medical information without the individual’s permission. The following circumstances are considered National Priority activities: 

  • Threat to health or safety
  • Public health interest
  • Abuse, neglect or domestic violence
  • Health oversight activities
  • Court proceedings
  • Law enforcement activities
  • Coroners and others
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Research organizations
  • Certain government functions

If you have additional questions, please contact our Medical Records office at 909 869-2737.