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Request Outreach or Program Assistance

As part of your Student Health Fee, trained Health Educators and Counselors are available to conduct workshops or presentations (staffing and scheduling permitted) on a variety of topics as described below.

All we ask is that you give us at least 2-3 weeks lead time in order to tailor our materials to your audience, and to adequately schedule appropriate staff.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

All about Alcohol – This interactive workshop covers all of the essential information college students should have about alcohol, to help them make informed choices and reduce risk of a negative consequence. Topics include: a standard drink, how alcohol works in the body, risky situations involving alcohol, and alcohol poisoning. Marijuana and other drugs – This factual, straightforward presentation covers information on the most commonly used drugs, including street drugs and prescription drugs used recreationally and for performance enhancement. Also covered is information regarding dependence and resources available to help.


Nutrition on the Go – College is a busy time of life, and often students struggle with fitting good eating and nutrition into their schedules. This presentation covers the basics of nutrition and helps students strategize ways to fit healthy eating into their daily routines. Eat your colors – Eating a “rainbow” of colors in your daily food intake is a great way to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to feel and perform your best. This presentation highlights the key nutrients in each color of the rainbow and how they work to prevent chronic diseases and maximize health.

Physical Activity

Exercise 101 – The basics of exercise, including cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and flexibility are reviewed in this presentation. Strategies to build a solid, enjoyable exercise routine into your week are covered, as well as how exercise increases health and productivity so you can feel and look your best.

Stress Reduction

Tame Your Stress – Studies show that stress is the #1 impediment to academic performance at Cal Poly Pomona. This workshop covers the basics of stress and outlines proven techniques to help you manage stress and maximize academic performance.

Sexual Health

Birth Control Options – Everything related to birth control is covered in the comprehensive presentation. Learn the facts about all of the options available in the U.S. and which of these options are available right on campus. (or enroll in our online birth control options course through Blackboard. Simply login to My Bronco Health Manager and make an appointment for a Birth Control Visit appointment. You will then see a link with instructions to enroll in the Birth Control Options course.) Let’s talk about Sex – Topics covered in this engaging presentation include Sexually Transmitted Disease prevention, common forms of pregnancy prevention, sexual assault awareness, and emotional aspects of sexual activity.

Do you need programming assistance or are you looking for a program you can bring to your group? Try our Take Out Programs below:

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Please complete our Program Request Form below based on the above offerings.