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Counseling Groups

Groups form early in each quarter. Watch for home page announcements as to when new groups are starting up, or call 909-869-3220 for current information.

Winter Quarter 2015

student with hand on head, head down over a book
Photo by Alex Eflon

1. Journey Toward Self-Compassion

Days/Times: TBD

Building 66 (Bronco Bookstore) Room 116

Join a short-term group experience aimed at developing more compassionate views of oneself. Led by Dr. Edgardo Menvielle, M.D. and Dr. Young Sun Lee, Psy.D.


2. Social Confidence Group (Limited to 8 people)

Tuesdays at 12:00pm, beginning 1/20/15 for 7 weeks

Building 66 (Bronco Bookstore) Room 116

Anxiety can be a normal part of social interactions, but it can also have a negative effect on an individual's life. If you stress over getting dragged to a party, or have to give a presentation, or need to meet new people...join the group! The group will help you learn practical approaches to cope with and manage social anxiety. Led by Dr. Amanda Cassil, PhD.


3. Stress Less for Success

Days/Times: Either 2/4/15 from 12:00-12:50pm or 2/5/15 from 3:00-3:50pm, based on demand

Building 66 (Bronco Bookstore) Room 116

Feeling anxious & overwhelmed? Noticed your anxiety affects your performance? Join this 6-week stress and anxiety reduction workshop to learn more about your body & stress, and ways to improve your coping strategies. Led by Dr. Davitta Love and Dr. Andrea Bailey.

If you are interested in joining this group or need more information, please complete this brief form BY 1/30/15.

Come join a group where you will be supported and have an opportunity to be among peers who share a common understanding and experience.