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Student Health Fee/Insurance

Mandatory Health Fee

The Mandatory Student Health Fee provides students access and services to Student Health and Counseling Services throughout the academic quarter. Eligibility for services starts with the first day of the quarter and lasts through the end of the break period immediately following that quarter. In addition, fall quarter eligibility begins with the first day of the break period preceding the start of the quarter, provided the student is registered and fees have been paid. The health fee covers only those services provided on campus. Outside referrals are at the expense of each student.

As of Summer Quarter 2015, the quarterly health fee is $83.16, and is automatically included in your fee bill. Because the health fee is indexed, it will increase minimally each year at the start of Summer term. If you are not enrolled during summer term, but intend to return in the fall (“Continuing Student Status”), you may use the health services on a fee-per-visit basis (roughly 1/3 of the established fee) for the first 3 visits. After that, you do not have to pay a visit charge.

Read more on what the health fee covers.

Health Insurance

You do not need to have insurance to use Student Health and Counseling Services. However, supplemental health insurance is strongly recommended for those times when we are closed or when you may need more specialized care for an accident or other injury.

Currently Enrolled Domestic (U.S. Citizens) Students:

Your prepaid student health fee covers most services. However, in the event you need more extensive care or need to be referred to a specialist, you will be responsible for the cost of that outside care.

Due to new the health care reform law (watch a short video to explain the Affordable Care Act), you may be eligible to remain on your parent's health insurance plan. Check into this now before you graduate! Download a free Graduation Toolkit to help stay better informed.

If you are no longer eligible under your parent's insurance, know that Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) offers CSU HealthLink, a quality healthcare insurance program sponsored by the CSU System and developed specifically for the California State University student. Go to their website for a brochure or to enroll online today! Individual plans are available for medical, dental, or vision care.

Or check out some other alternatives on the righthand menu.

International Students:

You are required to carry comprehensive health insurance. For more information on International student health insurance, contact the International Center for further details or go to: CSU

Insurance Options