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Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options & the Annual Exam

Are you about to have your first Women's Health Exam or wondering about the different forms of birth control? Get all your questions answered at a Birth Control Options class taken online through Blackboard. A video of a Health Educator will go over everything that happens during the Women's Health Exam and the types of birth control that are available, both hormonal and non-hormonal, how to use them properly and how effective they are. STD/STI testing will also be covered. You will be asked to complete 8 brief quizes at the end of each section. Once completed, this will be documented in your confidential medical record, and you will receive an email from Student Health informing you that there is a secure message waiting for you through Bronco Health Manger.

To enroll, call Health Services at 909-869-4000 and ask to be enrolled into the online BCO class or use My Bronco Health Manager portal to schedule the enrollment by selecting "Make an Appointment-->Birth Control Visit Appointment-->Sign-up for Birth Control Option Online Class".