Various past projects that are no longer under development.
An extended authentication server that allows clients to obtain DCE credentials through Microsoft challenge and response or Apple random number exchange authentication. sec_auth supports encrypted authentication for Windows and MacOS file sharing through samba and netatalk.

A perl interface to the OSF DCE API.

A perl interface to the OSF's Distributed Filesystem. Contains a convenient interface to ACL manipulation, and the ability to make DFS RPCs via perl scripts.

Intranet administration CGIs
The perl CGI scripts used to administrate the Cal Poly Pomona Intranet.

A perl script using DFS-Perl that provides chmod like functionality in DFS, including simple yet powerful ACL specification, wildcards, and support for recursive descent.

DCE integrated CDE login for Solaris 2.5
Source code and instructions on how to integrate DCE authentication into the native Solaris CDE login binary, dtlogin.

DCE Authentication Module for Apache
An Apache module that allows use of the DCE security registry for web authentication, secure access to DFS using native DFS ACLs for authorization, and authenticated CGI execution.

DCE patches for various software packages
Patches to add DCE support to various freely distributable software packages.

Client DFS RPC stubs library
libdcedfs.a, a library containing the DCE client-side RPC stubs needed for making direct RPCs to various DFS servers, such as the flserver and ftserver. This library was generated from freely available DCE IDL source code obtained from the OSF by gcc under Solaris 2.5. Some of my other packages depend on it. While those packages include instructions on how to obtain the IDL source and generate the library on your own, this prebuilt library is provided as a convenience for Solaris users. Ideally, DCE vendors would include both the DFS header files and DFS libraries with their distributions. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any that do so completely. Of course, I've never ran across anyone else who was interested in making direct DFS RPCs, so there you go.

DCE Naming Services for Solaris
One of the most glaring omissions in Transarc DCE is the lack of naming service integration. Replicating your registry in local password and group files seems rather undesirable to me. Fortunately, the flexibility of the Solaris naming services switch architecture allows excellent DCE integration. With nss_dce, you can specify "dce" as a source in the nsswitch.conf file and retrieve naming service information directly from the DCE registry.

Sophos virus scanning module for Apache
Integrates the Sophos SAVI API in Apache, allowing virus scanning of web content.

Perl module for accessing Sophos SAVI virus scanning API
Allows accessing the Sophos virus scanning API from a perl script.