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Civic Engagement


CE requirements vary and are based on students' year in the KHC (not at CPP).

  • Entered as freshmen or sophomore
    • First year in the KHC: 3 credits
    • Second year in the KHC: 3 credits
    • Third year and after: 1 credit every year
  • Entered as transfer
    • First year in the KHC: 3 credits
    • Second year and after: 1 credit every year
  • Mid-year graduates
    • Students graduating mid-year (enrolling in less than 36 units the final year) are exempt from any CE requirements

CE Events and Credits Balance

Students can view and sign-up for events on the KHC's Blackboard page. Earned credits are also list on the page.

Civic Engagement Proposal Form

KHC students and organizations can propose CE events by completing the form below.  Potential CE events must be: open to other KHC students, community service oriented, include a service learning component, and should not offer compensation as incentive to volunteer.  Examples of compensation include (but not limited to) earning: money, goods, services, and extra credit. Students and organizations interested in proposing a CE event should complete this online form at least 2 weeks before the event.  Approval must be granted before the event to earn credit.  Please contact Won Choi (909-869-3209 or for any questions.


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