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Kellogg Honors College Policies

Program Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to maintain good standing in the Kellogg Honors College.
  • GPA: KHC students must maintain a minimum 3.30 Cal Poly Pomona GPA (CPP GPA). The CPP GPA is calculated using all coursework completed at Cal Poly Pomona (cumulative, not quarterly/semesterly). Transfer GPA is not factored. Students with CPP GPAs between 3.00-3.29 are placed on GPA probation. Students with CPP GPAs below 3.00 are dismissed.
  • Honors Courses: Students must complete a minimum number of honors courses upon graduation from Cal Poly Pomona. The minimum number is based on when students were admitted to the KHC. There is no limit on the number of honors courses students can take.
    • Freshmen admits: 7
    • Sophomore admits: 5
    • Transfer admits: 4
  • Capstone Project: The capstone is an independent research project typically done in students' final year at Cal Poly Pomona. It earns honors course credit and counts toward the minimum number of honors course required (above). Students are required to present their capstone projects at the annual KHC Convocation event.
  • Units: 36 units of Cal Poly Pomona coursework must be completed every academic year (Summer through Spring quarters).
  • Civic Engagement (CE): Students must complete a minimum number of CE credits per year based on how they were admitted to the KHC. Students who complete more than the minimum CE credits may rollover extra credits toward next year's requirements, but students must complete at least 1 CE credit every year regardless of rollover credits.
    • Freshman and Sophomore admits: 3 CE credits in the first year, plus another 3 CE credits in the second year of the KHC (not CPP). Starting the third year, students must complete 1 CE credit every year.
    • Transfer admits: 3 CE credits in the first year. Starting the second year, students must complete 1 CE credit every year.
  • New Student Meetings: New students to the KHC are required to come into the honors program office once per quarter for their first year for a 15 minute meeting with either the director or the academic coordinator.

Registering for Honors Courses

The majority of honors courses are General Education (GE) courses, thus students are encouraged to conserve GE coursework for the honors equivalent. Registration for honors courses is based on students' Enrollment Appointments on BroncoDirect.

Priority Registration

Priority registration is available to KHC students who enroll in honors courses. KHC students must enroll in at least one honors course for the quarter they receive priority registration. Failure to enroll in an honors course upon receiving KHC priority registration approval will result in the permanent loss of future priority registration privileges from the KHC. The KHC will notify students every quarter of deadlines to receive priority registration. Students on probation with the KHC are not eligible to enroll in honors courses during the Priority Registration period.