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Kellogg Honors College Policies

Program Requirements

  • Cal Poly Pomona GPA. KHC students must maintain a minimum 3.30 Cal Poly Pomona GPA (overall, not quarterly). Students with CPP GPAs between 3.00-3.29 will be placed on probation with the honors college. Students with GPAs below 3.00 will be dismissed.
  • Honors Courses. The minimum number of required honors courses depends on when a student is admitted to the KHC: 7 for freshmen, 5 for sophomores, and 4 for transfers. Honors students may take courses beyond the minimum required.
  • Capstone Project. The capstone is an independent research project that is taken for course credit and is included in the minimum number of honors course required (see above). The following steps should be considered in preparing for the capstone:
    • Junior Year: Students should consider potential topics by consulting with major faculty or advisor. A faculty member from the student's major must serve as the project advisor and approve the student's capstone contract proposal. The capstone contract will then be submitted to the KHC for approval.
    • Senior Year: Students will undertake their capstone projects while enrolled in the appropriate honors course. The completed capstone project must be presented at the Convocation event held every spring.
  • Units. 36 units of Cal Poly Pomona coursework must be completed every academic year (Summer through Spring quarters).
  • Civic Engagement (CE). Students must complete 3 CE credits each year during their first and second years in the KHC (not CPP).  After the second year students must complete 1 CE credit every year.  Transfer students must complete 3 CE credits during the first year, and 1 CE credit every year after.
  • New students. New students to the KHC are also required to come into the honors program office once per quarter for their first year for a 15 minute meeting with either the director or the academic coordinator.

Registering for honors courses

The majority of honors courses are General Education (GE) courses, thus students are encouraged to conserve GE coursework for the honors equivalent. Honors students should visit the KHC website to view the course schedule for the year. To register for honors courses students must email Sandra Harper ( with the course name(s) and the student's ID number. These students will be granted permission to add the course(s) on BroncoDirect during registration periods. Students must verify prerequisites are met before emailing Sandra.

Priority registration

Priority registration is available to KHC students who enroll in honors courses. KHC students must enroll in at least one honors course for the quarter they receive priority registration. Failure to enroll in an honors course upon receiving priority registration will result in the permanent loss of priority registration privileges from the KHC. The KHC will notify students every quarter of deadlines to receive priority registration.