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CSU Pre-Doctoral Program

About the CSU Pre-Doctoral Program

The CSU Pre-Doctoral Program (Pre-Doc) program is intended to increase the pool of future CSU faculty by providing opportunities and funding for graduate degrees (masters or doctoral).  The CSU Chancellor's Office selects students from each CSU campus to be Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars.  The scholars receive up to $3000 for graduate school preparation (e.g., travel expenses for graduate school visits, application fees, test fees, etc.).  The scholarship does not pay for school tuition and fees.  Pre-Doc scholars are also eligible for paid summer research internships and access to special meetings with graduate school recruiters.

Each CSU campus has a coordinating office for the Pre-Doc.  At Cal Poly Pomona the Kellogg Honors College (KHC) is the campus coordinating office.  The KHC is responsible for advertising the Pre-Doc on campus, advising the campus community on the application process, and forwarding applications to the CSU Chancellor's Office.  The KHC does not select the Sally Casanova Pre-Doc Scholars.  All Cal Poly Pomona students can apply for the Pre-Doc.

More information on the Pre-Doc is available at the CSU Chancellor's Office website.


  • Current Cal Poly Pomona upper division undergraduate or graduate student
  • Enroll at least two quarters at Cal Poly Pomona in the 2015-2016 academic year
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Application Deadline

Each CSU campus has it's own deadline in addition to the Chancellor's Office deadline.  The Cal Poly Pomona deadline is 5:00PM on Monday, February 23, 2015.  Applications must be submitted to the Kellogg Honors College in 1-201.

2015-2016 Pre-Doctoral Program Application (docx)

Tips for a Successful Application

Application essays and faculty recommendations should reflect the following to improve chances of selection:

  • strong interest in becoming a future CSU faculty member
  • interest in attaining a graduate (doctoral) degree at a UC campus
  • financial need or hardship