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Honors Courses


Honors courses at Cal Poly Pomona are special sections of standard courses which are taught by specialized faculty, reserved only for high achieving students, and limited to a maximum enrollment of 20 students. This combination creates a learning environment that allows students to delve deeper into course content at an accelerated pace.

Facts About Honors Courses At Cal Poly Pomona

  • Honors courses take the place of standard Cal Poly Pomona courses
  • Honors students must meet the same curriculum unit requirements as non-Honors students (no additional courses required)
  • Grades for Honors courses are not weighted
  • Priority Registration is available to Honors students who enroll in at least one Honors course for a given academic term
  • The minimum required amount of Honors courses varies according to when a student is admitted to the Kellogg Honors College
    • Freshmen admits: 7
    • Sophomore admits: 5
    • Transfer admits: 4