WINTER QUARTER 2014 (January - March, 2014)
  STA120-23, 01 & 02: Statistics With Applications - Online
(4:00pm-5:50pm, Wed @ 8-302) / S01 (6:00pm-7:50pm, Wed @ 8-345) / S02 (8:00pm-9:50pm, Wed @ 8-345)
sYllabus & schedule: check the COURSE WEB from blackboard learning system
  ReQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Introductory Statistics, 7th edition by Prem Mann. There are three different versions of it.  You need     
       ONLY ONE of these
. Three-ring binder version
(ISBN: 978-1-118-12508-3; customized for Cal Poly Pomona use) consists of first nine chapters only
       from the
complete versions (ISBN: 978-0-470-44466-5 hard cover; or 978-1-118-29987-6 soft cover).  You do not need to purchase any of complete
      versions in order to take this class unless it is cheaper.
  MAT691: Directed Study
  MAT696: Master's Degree Thesis


  STA120: Statistics With Applications  [Traditional, Hybrid, Online]
  STA120H: Statistics With Applications - Honors [Traditional, Hybrid]
  MAT105: College Algebra   MAT106: Trigonometry
  STA309: Prob & Stat for Engineers   STA326: Prob & Stat for Computer Scientists
  STA241/330: Introduction to Probability Theory   STA341/331: Applied Statistics
  STA420: Nonparametric Statistics*   STA425: Applied Survival Analysis*
  STA432: Applied Regression Analysis   STA440: Mathematical Statistics I
  STA441: Mathematical Statistics II   STA533: Theory of Linear Statistical Models I
  STA534: Theory of Linear Statistical Models II   STA590: Statistical Consulting
  STA499/599: Special Topics in Statistics   MAT691: Directed Study
  MAT696: Master's Degree Thesis   MAT699: Master's Degree Continuation

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