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Bonny Burns-Whitmore

Title: Lecturer

Department: Foods, Nutrition & Consumer Sciences

Room: 2-114

Phone: (909) 869-3793


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BS: Microbiology Biology, Human Biology
La Sierra University (Formerly Loma Linda University)
La Sierra Campus (1993)

MPH: Masters, Public Health and Nutrition(1995), Loma Linda University School of Public Health, concurrent with the Loma Linda University Department of Dietetics and Nutrition requirements for Registered Dietitians.


Bonny Burns-Whitmore, MPH, RD is a lecturer with Department of Food, Nutrition and Consumer Science, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She has been teaching at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona on a full time basis since 1995. She began teaching Biology while attending Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus in 1991. While attending graduate school at Loma Linda University School of Public Health, she taught Medical Microbiology at La Sierra University as well as conducting research at Loma Linda University Medical Center and Jerry L. Pettis Veteran's Hospital. Following completion of her didactic program and internship, she became a Registered Dietitian.

Teaching Areas/Expertise:

Nutrition, Science and Health, Introduction to Food Science Lecture and Laboratory, Nutrition Education Lecture and Activity, Experimental Foods Lecture and Laboratory, Current Issues in the Food Chain, Basic Medical Microbiology Lecture and Laboratory, General Biology III Laboratory, Immunology Laboratory, Cellular Molecular Biology Laboratory, General Biology I Laboratory, General Biology II Laboratory.

Research Area/Expertise:

Bonny has diverse research interests in both nutrition and biology. Recently she has completed an experiment for Kashi Company to determine optimum heating temperatures and consumer preference for a new Kashi cereal product. She designed the experiment, was the principle investigator for the experiment, and performed preference testing on a consumer panel. Her research group researched and successfully made liposomes that carried a phosphatase enzyme. She successfully made monoclonal antibodies (anti-baboon) for Loma Linda University (in the hope to prevent host-graft complications from baboon heart transplants). She has done solo research and experimentation in the development of callus from roses, carrots and ferns in sterile media, as well as development of transplantation techniques of former rose and fern callus into non-sterile soil. She aided in the design, research and experimentation to determine post-translational changes of the amino acids in the Streptomycin binding sites in E. coli ribosomes. She also attempted to grow and maintain a tumor line of a rare infantile fibrosarcoma to determine if it could be established as a true tumor line. Unfortunately, the cells were later found to be apoptosic. Recently, she has been researching herbal and botanical claims of supplements.


Activity Recently, Bonny was awarded membership in Gamma Sigma Delta in 1999. She is a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetic Association and belongs to many professional organizations such as the American Public Health Association, A.P.H.A. Food and Nutrition Group, American Dietetic Association, California Dietetic Association, Vegetarian Practice Group, Educators' Group, Tri-Counties Dietetic Group, and The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Bonny has developed numerous educational materials. She has developed and designed class handouts, laboratory manuals as well as presenting numerous lectures. This year, she has presented lectures to the Biology of Cancer class at Cal Poly Pomona regarding Nutrition and Cancer, a lecture to the Glendale Chiropractic Clinic regarding Heart Disease, Hypertensive and Diabetic Diets, and CAL-PRO-NET regarding Child Nutrition. Presently, she is writing a chapter, Thiosulfanates from Garlic, with Dr. A.S. Naidu, and is designing a new Introduction to Food Science Manual. Last year, she presented a lecture and developed educational handouts for An Objective Approach to Twenty Five Common Herbs and Their Indications, presented at Arcadia Methodist Hospital for physicians, nurses, dietitians and other health professionals. She was also interviewed by staff writers of the San Gabriel Valley News, Pasadena Star, and the San Gabriel Tribune.

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