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2013 Horsehill Pink, South Coast

2013 Horsehill Pink South Coast

The 2013 Horsehill Pink, South Coast, brings back the off-dry rosé style that Horsehill was so successful with in the inaugural releases.

The pink blend includes:

  • 22% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 21% Grenache
  • 18% Syrah
  • 14% Sangiovese
  • 10% Tempranillo
  • 7% Zinfandel
  • 5% Petit Verdot
  • 3% Alicante

Horse Hill Pink is a delightful blend of red cultivars which captures the very soul of the numerous varietals. Abundant red fruit aromas, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry leap from the glass; lip-smacking flavors are artfully balanced with just the right sweetness and acid balance. Perfect for an afternoon by the pool or served alongside some spicy Southwestern cuisine, this is a rosé that truly shows the sum is greater than the parts.

Hosrehill Vineyards “Horsehill Pink” is available for $7.50 a bottle at the Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch.