Cal Poly Pomona Horse Show Team

The Cal Poly Pomona Horse Show Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), Zone 8, Region 2, and rides out of the W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center at Cal Poly Pomona.

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About the Team

With over 350 colleges and more than 7,500 riders, the IHSA is the world's largest intercollegiate equestrian organization. The Cal Poly Pomona team competes in shows throughout the region and nearly always sends a team to nationals. Riders may choose to compete in hunt seat or western equitation ranging from beginning walk/trot and walk/jog classes to open over fences and reining classes.

Anyone can join the team. Owning a horse or having experience is not required. The team owns several horses which are used during practices and competitions. Any level of riding experience is accepted. You do not have to try out to be on the team, but your riding will be evaluated to determine which division you should be placed in.

Meetings are every Tuesday during fall, winter, and spring quarters in Building 2, Room 112, at Noon.

"I learned a great deal about myself during these four years and have gained skill sets that have enabled me to succeed in other areas of my life. Despite some humbling moments, I ultimately learned how to set reasonable goals for myself as well as learning how to work with an array of personalities. I look back at those four years as the most rewarding experience thus far in my life. I have come away with friends that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life."
-Lauren Davis, former captain


About IHSA Shows

The Cal Poly Pomona Horse Show Team competes as part of the IHSA. This organization levels out the playing field in a sport where money has so much to do with success in the show ring. Instead of being judged on which rider has the nicest horse, the classes are judged on who can ride what they are given with the best position. Shows are hosted by various colleges in the region, and all the colleges in the region try to pool horses together for the shows. The morning of the show, those who are competing are not permitted to ride at all before their class. They watch all the horses in the competition warm up with designated warm-up riders, and then go to a draw table to see which horse they will be riding in their classes. Sometimes riders luck out and draw a horse they know quite well, and other times, they draw a horse they've never laid their eyes on. This keeps riders on their toes and means they must be adaptable riders, as no two horses are the same.
If you have any questions regarding the team, please feel free to contact the following officers:

2012-13 Team Officers

President: Erin Leon
Vice President: Tanya Lopatriello
Secretary: Alba Villalobos
Treasurer: Analucia Aliaga
Ag Council Rep: Nicole Thurman
Historian: Liz Bois
Show Manager: Stephanie Sosa
Social Chair: Jamie Amezquita
Hunt Seat Captains Western Captains
Emily Flack Allison Burg
Taylor Zumstein Laura Thomas
Coach/Advisor: Jen Earles
Webmaster: Liz Bois
Hunt Seat Coach: Hailey Quirk


Team Photo 2011

Hailey Quirk winning Alumi Flat at IHSA Nationals 2009

Tanya LoPatriello and Whoville in Intermediate Over Fences

Jena Kruhmin winning her Intermediate Horsemanship class

hunt seat team

Cindy Barnes