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Payment Plans

The following information explains the different payment plans available for housing and meal plan fees.

Click here to view the Cost Tables.

1. Payment Options

**Starting with the 2015-16 License Agreement the installment option is no longer available. In addition, students that are receiveing financial aid will not be able to select financial aid as a payment plan, instead University Housing Services will coloborate with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine which residents will be receiving Financial Aid for housing.

This plan is designed for students who wish to pay the full amount of the contract and not have the worries of making payments throughout the year.  Students who choose this option will not have administrative fees added as with other plans.

This plan allows students to make their payments once each quarter, for a total of three payments for the academic year.  A $10 administrative fee is added to each payment.

This plan is for students who anticipate receiving financial aid.  Funds awarded will be credited directly to your student account.  This includes any aid from a Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), State University Grant (SUG), Educational Opportunity Grant (EOP), Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, Cal Grant, and any Cal Poly Pomona grant or scholarship.  All outstanding charges due to the University, including registration and housing charges, will be paid from this account.  If Financial Aid does not cover all expenses, it is the responsibility of the student to pay the balance due by the payment due dates.  If you have any questions about your financial aid, please contact their office at (909) 869-3700. A $10 administrative fee is added to each payment.

  1. IF your financial aid is not awarded, OR if the award does not cover all expenses, you will be required to pay the balance by October 17, 2014 for Fall Quarter, by December 2, 2014 for Winter Quarter, and by March 09, 2015 for Spring Quarter.
  2. Financial aid recipients are expected to use their own funds for the initial payment and any excess funds will be refunded during the scheduled financial aid disbursement dates as published in the class schedule.


This plan is designed to meet the needs of students who would prefer to have their payments made twice each quarter, for a total of six payments for the academic year.  Please follow the cost tables for the dates payments are due.  A $10 administrative fee is added to each payment.  Please note: This option is not available to students choosing the financial aid method, since all financial aid disbursements are done once per academic quarter.

2. Fees

A. Included in the second payment is a refundable $50.00 security deposit for the Residence Halls and Center for Regenerative Studies; $150.00 for the Residential Suites. *Starting with the 2015-16, the Security deposit will be due at the time the student receives an assignment. The due date for the security deposit will be 10 days after receiving an assignment. All Security Deposits are also $150.00 starting with the 2015-16 License Agreement.

B. A nonrefundable administrative fee of $10.00 is included with each payment of the quarterly, financial aid, and installment plans after the initial payment.

C. All payments made after the due date will be assessed a $50.00 administrative late charge.

D. Rate tables include the nonrefundable fee for membership in the Interhall Council (IHC).  The fee is $15.00 for the academic year and $5.00 for the summer quarter.  Membership fees are used for community programming, recreation equipment, and social events.

The establishment and adjustment of all fees administered by University Housing Services is governed by Executive Order 740 of The California State University.  This executive order can be found at:

Fees administered by University Housing Services include the following:

  • Housing Room Fee  (Type III Fee)
  • Installment Payment Fee  (Type III Fee)
  • Lost Key Fee  (Type IV Fee)
  • Housing Security Deposit  (Type IV Fee)

As detailed in Executive Order 740, recommendations to periodically adjust Type III and Type IV fees are approved or denied by the President of Cal Poly Pomona after appropriate consultation from the Campus Fee Advisory Committee.

As these fees are specific and apply only to students that live in housing provided by University Housing Services, and do not apply to commuting students or those living in other on-campus housing, Cal Poly Pomona chooses to conduct the required consultation and consideration of housing fee adjustments with the Interhall Council (IHC).  IHC is the resident student government and as such, is the sanctioned voice and leadership for students living on campus in University Housing Services.

The Director of University Housing Services has responsibility for preparing recommendations for housing fee adjustments to the Interhall Council, including all documentation and financial information to support these recommendations.  Consultation with the Interhall Council occurs at two levels:  first with the IHC Executive Leadership, then with the full Council.

After completion of the consultation process with Interhall Council, the recommendation for adjustment of any or all of the housing fees is forwarded by the Director of University Housing Services to the President of Cal Poly Pomona for approval.  A representative of Interhall Council holds a permanent seat on the Campus Fee Advisory Committee and has responsibility for providing information on the consultation process that occurred with that Committee.

Additional Fees Associated With UHS:

  • Board Fee (Meal Plan):  The Board Fee is established by the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., through their Board of Directors.  While this fee is not governed by Executive Order 740, the same consultation process through the Interhall Council is conducted before the fee is considered for adjustment.
  • Interhall Council Fee:  This fee to residents for programmatic support is established by the Interhall Council in accordance with the By-Laws of the Associated Students, Inc.