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Suites Cleaning Recommendations

Plan ahead! Begin by taking or shipping any non-essential items home NOW!


Submit work orders before May 23, 2014 if there are any repairs that need to be made.

If you changed your room layout, return it to its original configuration. This must be completed at least one week from your intended check-out.

To avoid a cleaning charge after checking out of your room, we suggest that you leave your room and common areas in the following condition:

  1. Floors
    • Sweep, remove any marks, and mop.
  2. Carpet
    • Vacuum thoroughly
      Try to remove any stains
  3. Bathroom
    • Clean toilet, fixtures, and shower/tub with non-abrasive cleanser
      Clean sinks, medicine cabinets, and mirrors.
      Clean floors, walls, and ceiling if necessary.
      Clean inside of cabinet area under sink(s).
  4. Kitchen
    • Remove all shelf paper from cabinets and wipe clean.
    • Clean all surfaces and the screen on the exhaust fan.
    • Refrigerator and Freezer
    • Remove ALL food from the fridge.
    • Wipe all surfaces clean; doors, shelves, etc.
      Clean counters and sink with non-abrasive cleanser.
  5. Furniture
    • Clean underneath furniture cushions.
      Use a mild soap solution or consult a custodial staff person if upholstery is soiled.
      Wipe lamps with a damp cloth.
      Dust tables, wooden chairs, dressers, and desks.
      Remove all hangers and personal items from closets.
      Debunk beds if you have bunked them.
  6. Balcony
    • Clean patio furniture, remove any debris, and sweep clean, as necessary.
  7. Trash
    • University Housing Services will be providing FREE TRASH BAGS at the front desk of your building during finals week for residents checking out at end of spring.
      Please dispose of your trash in the dumpsters located in the trash enclosure. Extra dumpsters will be provided.
  8. Other "Stuff"
    • Remove bicycles from the bicycle racks. Bicycles that appear to be abandoned will be removed, held for 30 days, and then disposed of. Bicycles will be tagged with a note. Owners will need to call the Facilities Office to verify ownership of a bicycle.
    • If approved to stay over from spring to summer, remove all personal items from the common areas (living room, kitchen and patio). This is to facilitate deep cleaning of your unit. All residents of a suite will be charged if items are left/stored/abandoned in the common area.
    • Please donate your unwanted stuff. We encourage you to donate items you no longer want by donating them instead of throwing them away. You may take your donations to Goodwill ( or the Salvation Army ( Both organizations have stores and donation centers in Pomona.