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Halls Express Checkout Information

Express Check Out makes your hectic move out process easier. This check out option allows you to check out without making an RA appointment. *With this option, when you’re ready to go…you go!!

Residents must check out before 5:00pm on Friday, June 13, 2014 as listed on Terms and Conditions.

Prior To:

Submit Work Order(s) to Housing Facilities for items needing repairs before Thursday, May 23, 2014.

Prior to check-out, contact companies with which you have contracted for services and have your service transferred or terminated, i.e.: Verizon (phone), newspaper or magazine delivery, etc. If you fail to do this, you may be charged for services. You are responsible for these charges…so make sure you take care of your accounts!

Complete the Change of Address form online on the Housing StudentWeb or submit it at your building’s front desk or in the Housing Office. Don’t wait. It takes 4-6 weeks to take effect. If you fail to do this, your mail will be returned to senders. Magazines are not forwarded and are discarded (recycled). Please keep in mind that the forwarding of mail is a temporary service and you still need to correct your address with each company.

Rooms are to be returned to their original configuration before June 2, 2014. Please de-bunk and return the lofting equipment to your building’s front desk. All roommates will be assessed a fee for rooms that are not brought back to their original configuration.

Step One:

Remove all of your belongings from your room. Including items from the wall, desk, closet, trash, etc... All items must be removed from your room BEFORE you return your keys.

Step Two:

Clean your room. See Cleaning Recommendations. Mattress pad should be left in room for RA to collect. You WILL BE BILLED for cleaning/repairs of your room if you do not leave it in good condition. Your room must be cleaned BEFORE you turn in your keys.

Step Three:

Complete the Express Check-Out Envelope. Make any necessary notes in the section labeled “Issues/Comments” regarding condition of room.

Step Four:

When you are ready to leave, go to the front desk of your building, check your mail, place your room and mailbox keys into the Express Check-Out Envelope.
NOTE: To avoid an improper check-out charge, be sure to verify that you have completed the Express Check-out envelope and signed it.

Step Five:

After placing the keys in the Express Check-Out Envelope, SEAL IT! Tear off yellow copy of the form for your records.
You must hand in this envelope to a RA or Coordinator unless a key collection box has been set up at your front desk to accept Express Check-Out Envelopes.
IMPORTANT: Students dropping keys off after the 5pm deadline will be charged an IMPROPER CHECK-OUT FEE. After you have left, a RA will inspect your room.
*Express Check-Out is offered as a convenience for residents. You are waiving a room inspection until after you have left. By using this check-out system, you accept charges that may be levied for damages found in your room once you have departed.

UHS Facilities appreciates your cooperation. Thank you!