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UHS 2017-18 Student Housing License Agreement

Community Guidelines

2017-2018 Community Guidelines



The Community Guidelines section is part of the Student Housing License Agreement. Acceptance and agreement to abide by the guidelines listed herein is acknowledged through the online completion and electronic submission of the Student Housing License Agreement.

All guidelines listed here are in effect for all University Housing Services (UHS) property which includes but is not limited to all the Residence Halls, the Residential Suites, the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, temporary housing accommodations, UHS grounds, La Cienega, Fitness Express, Residential Parking Lots, Los Olivos Commons, Denny’s and Vista Convenience Store, La Naranjita Center (Java the Hut) and at all UHS sponsored events, including those off-campus. Residents who are believed to be in violation of one or more policies may be referred to an official of UHS, the University Police, and/or other administrator from the Division of Student Affairs.


Check-In Procedures

When checking into the housing community, Licensee must complete an online Room Inventory Form (RIF) upon inspection of the unit. Care should be taken in filling in the Room Inventory Form at check-in to avoid being charged for damages or loss which occurred prior to occupancy. Room Inventory Forms are made available on the resident’s Student Web.


Check-Out Procedures

Licensees must be pre-approved for check-outs during or at the end of the Winter and Spring Quarters. Approval is to check-out at the end of the License Agreement or end of Spring Quarter is not required. The Licensee shall vacate the housing unit using the following procedures as outlined by University Housing Services, which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. All personal property and trash must be removed and the unit must be cleaned prior to your specified date on your Petition to Cancel or by the terms of your Student Housing License Agreement.
  1. Obtain an Express Check-Out Envelope from the front desk or your Resident Advisor. Complete and sign the form on the outside of the Express Check-Out envelope.
  1. Place your room key and mailbox key in the envelope. Seal and drop off the envelope at your front desk’s “Check-Out Key Box”.
  1. Failure to properly check out of your room, as outlined above, will result in the loss of the security deposit, removal of all personal property, and possible moving and storage charges.

Dining Plan Changes


Once the quarter has commenced, changes to dining plans are restricted to increases only. To decrease a dining plan, requests are accepted at the end of each quarter, using an online form available on the resident’s Student Web Login. Changes will then be effective at the start of the next quarter.


UHS Fitness Express Membership

Fitness Express is a full body fitness facility provided to residents free of charge. It is located in La Cienega Center (Bldg. 59) and is open seven (7) days a week when school is in session and is open limited hours during finals week, quarter breaks and Summer Quarter. The following are the general guidelines for usage:


  1. Use of Fitness Express is limited to University Housing Services residents in the Residence Halls, Residential Suites and Center for Regenerative Studies and paid Cal Poly Pomona members. Due to liability concerns, no guests are permitted to use the facility at any time.
  1. Licensees wishing to use Fitness Express must attend a mandatory introductory orientation session. This session is designed to educate users on the safe and proper use of the equipment and the policies of Fitness Express.
  1. All UHS Fitness Express members must sign the Informed Consent, Waiver, and Release Form. Licensees under eighteen (18) years of age will not be permitted to use UHS Fitness Express at any time unless a parent signs the Informed Consent, Waiver, and Release Form and may only use the facility when supervisory staff is present.
  1. Upon completion of the orientation and Waiver form, membership is activated and access to


Fitness Express is added to the Licensee’s Wash laundry access card.


  1. Under no circumstances should the door access card be transferred to any other person, including other University Housing Services students or guests. Students who do loan their access card will lose their privileges.
  2. In the event an access card is lost, a $15 charge will be assessed.
  1. Please refer to the Student Housing License Agreement for detailed description on membership policies.


Housing Facility Assignments

University Housing Services will honor all housing facility preferences, if possible, but reserves the right to change unit assignments in the interest of disabled student needs, health issues, discipline, student conduct and general welfare of the Licensees or at the administrative necessity of the University.


Laundry Facility

Washers and dryers are provided in each facility for the use of the Licensees. Use of washers and dryers requires a per cycle charge for each machine. Malfunctioning machines should be reported immediately to Wash Services, Inc., at (800) 342-5932 for repair. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to abide by all rules posted in the laundry room.



Licensees are responsible for carrying their unit keys at all times. If a Licensee should be locked out of his/her unit, he/she can request assistance from University Housing Services in Building 59 during regular business hours. For after-hour and weekend lockouts, call or contact the on-duty Resident Advisor. Charges may be assessed and/or conduct action may be initiated for repeated lockouts. Refer to  Policies & Regulations, Section on Keys for further details.


Mail Service

University Housing Services will provide mail delivery service, except Saturdays, Sundays, breaks, and holidays. To avoid delays or other issues with mail delivery, do not include the building name as part of your address.


For proper delivery of mail, have all mail and packages addressed to you using the following format based on the specific building in which you live, but do not include the building name:

Alamitos Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

22 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Vista Bonita:

[Licensee’s Name]

60 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Aliso Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

23 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Vista Del Sol:

[Licensee’s Name]

61 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Cedritos Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

58 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Vista De La Luna:

[Licensee’s Name]

63 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Encinitas Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

20 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Vista De Las Estrellas:

[Licensee’s Name]

54 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Montecito Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

21 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Vista De Las Montanas:

[Licensee’s Name]

62 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Palmitas Hall:

[Licensee’s Name]

57 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768

Center For Regenerative Studies:

[Licensee’s Name]

4105 West Temple Ave., Room #

Pomona, Ca 91768


  1. Mail or packages for residents that require a signature from the carrier, such as FEDEX, UPS or Certified Mail by United State Postal Services, are received by University Housing Services offices located in Building 59 for the halls and Building 54 for the suites and CRS. To retrieve these, you must present a picture ID.
  1. Upon proper check-out from the Residential Community, it is the responsibility of the Licensee to file a Change of Address form. All magazines and publications must be contacted directly, as they are not forwarded. Keep in mind that it takes 4-6 weeks to take effect. All subsequent mail will be returned to sender.
    • For residents in the Residence Halls or Residential Suites, the Change of Address form must be filed with the campus Distribution Services Department. Forms are available and can be turned in at the Housing Office located in Building 59 and Building 54, or in person to Distribution Services located in Building 98, B1-258. Any issues with mail services should be directed to Distribution Services at (909) 869-3349.
    • For residents living at the Center for Regenerative Studies, the Change of Address Form must be filed with the U.S. Postal Service. All service and complaints must be handled with the U.S. Postal Service, 580 W. Monterey, Pomona, CA 91766-9998, (909) 623-4476.
  2. Residents may send mail and packages as follows:
    • Letters: sealed and stamped may be dropped off at either of the Housing offices (Building 54 or 59) during open business hours. These packages cannot be accepted at other residential buildings.
    • Packages: FEDEX or UPS packages that have shipping labels provided by the carrier (call tag) may be dropped off at either of the Housing offices (Building 54 or 59) during open business hours. These packages cannot be accepted at other residential buildings.
  3. University Housing Services is not held responsible for letters or packages that are delivered damaged or open.
    • If damaged, call the courier to report damage or missing items.
    • Take a picture of the package.
    • Note the tracking #, day of delivery, company that shipped the item, value of item and produce a receipt for item.
    • Contact the company that sent the item to report issues.
    • Contact information to report problems:




Campus Distribution Services (909) 869-3349 for USPS mail and packages.



  1. Guidelines and Regulations
    1. All motor vehicles, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, shall be operated with due regard for the safety of all members of the housing community. Traffic regulations have been established for the safety of the community and are as follows:
      1. Parking with designated university parking permits only. Students wishing to park in Lot F-2, P and Lot Q, which are reserved for Residential Community.
      2. University parking permit along with a Residential parking sticker are required to park in Residential in Lot F-2, P and Lot Q.
      3. Students are responsible for requesting a Residential parking sticker from UHS, failure to do so may result in a parking citation
      4. 10 miles per hour speed limit.
      5. Head in parking only.
      6. No parking in red, blue, white, or yellow and orange curbed areas.
      7. No parking in yellow-curbed spots reserved for Residence Life Coordinators. Violations of these traffic regulations can result in parking privileges being suspended, revoked and/or parking citations being issued. Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles may be removed and stored at the owner's expense.
    1. No vehicle repair will be done in the parking areas except with permission of University Housing Services in designated areas.
  1. Recall of Residential Parking Sticker

Parking stickers for parking within the housing facility parking lots are the property of the University and may be recalled by the University for any of the following reasons, but not limited to:

    1. When the purpose for the sticker changes or no longer exists.
    2. When a parking sticker is used by and/or on an unregistered motor vehicle or by unauthorized person(s).
    3. Falsification of parking permit application.
  1. Non-payment of parking fees and/or fines to the University.
  2. Failure to register University parking permit with office quarterly.
  3. Counterfeiting or altering of permits and/or stickers.
  4. Failure to comply with the final judgment of the Cal Poly Pomona Police and/or the management.
  1. Registration of Motor Vehicles
    1. All Licensees, who possess a motor vehicle and wish to park in reserved housing parking lots must register their vehicle to avoid citation by the Department of Public Safety. Registration is required because the parking lots are state property and subject to University parking fees and regulations. After registration of the vehicle, the Licensee will be issued a parking decal.
    1. If you have a car or motorcycle on campus, you may only park in student lots and you must have a CPP parking permit clearly displayed in your vehicle at all times. Permits can be purchased at the University Cashier’s Office located on the first floor of the CLA building. Several parking lots have been reserved for residential students only. To park in these lots, please obtain a residential parking sticker from University Housing Services. Bring your parking permit and Bronco ID or valid driver’s license to obtain a Resident Sticker. Vehicles parked in residential lots not displaying the Resident Parking Sticker will be subject to citation.
    1. Due to limited parking space, each Licensee is restricted to one University permit parking space and one resident parking Sticker.


Payment of Fees

The resident is responsible for payment of fees for the period of the License Agreement. Fees must be paid by the payment due dates as specified in the Cost Table, which is posted on the University Housing Website. Payments may be made online through BroncoDirect. Students should carefully read the Cost Table Overview.


  1. The initial payment to secure housing must be made after completion of the Student Housing Application. Payment instruction will be provided after the application has been submitted.
  2. Subsequent payments may be made online through BroncoDirect, or at the Cashier’s Office in the CLA building (Building 98).
  3. All payments made after the due date are subject to a $50 administrative late charge.
  4. If the student is assigned to a space after the License Agreement begins, the student shall be charged a prorated fee for the balance of the agreement.



Revised Rates

The University reserves the right to revise rates upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Room Changes

Requests to change from one unit to another may be made using an online request form available through the resident’s Student Web. Residents will be notified of approval and the date by which the transfer must take place, usually toward the end of each quarter. To request a mid-quarter change, residents must consult with their RA or Residence Life Coordinator. Unauthorized room changes are considered a violation of policy (improper room transfer). Please refer to the Student Housing License Agreement, Policies and Regulations, under Facilities and Operations, Section H-1.


  1. Licensee desiring telephone service in his/her unit must arrange service with the Verizon Communications Business Office at (800)483-4000. Do NOT purchase "LINES-KEEPER SERVICE" from Verizon Communications because the University provides maintenance for inside telephone lines. Residents at the Residence Halls, Center for Regenerative Studies and Phase I of the Residential Suites (Vista del Sol and Vista Bonita) who desire phone service may contract directly with Verizon. Responsibility for telephone charges shall rest solely with the person to whom the telephone service is provided. All services and complaints must be handled directly with the Verizon Communications Business Office. Secondary telephone service cannot be established without prior written consent of the University.
  1. Due to the deregulation of telephone service, Licensees may be required to provide University Housing Services with their correct telephone number. All telephone numbers will be for office use only, unless otherwise specified by Licensee


Missing Student Notification

All Licensees are required to provide a Missing Person Contact on their Student Housing License Agreement.

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Cal Poly Pomona has established policies and procedures for missing student notification.

If a member of the University community has reason to believe that a student who resides in on-campus housing is missing, he or she should immediately notify the University Police Department at

(909) 869-3070. A report should also be made to your Resident Advisor, Residence Life Coordinator, or University Housing Services Staff. University Police will initiate an investigation and where appropriate involve local law enforcement.

University Police, in conjunction with University Housing Services staff, will activate established missing student procedures. It is important to note that a report of a missing person may be made at any time; there is no required wait time or length of time since last contact.

Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities regarding Missing Student Notification

In addition to registering an emergency contact, students residing in on-campus housing have the option to identify a confidential contact person to be notified in the event the student is reported to be missing.

  1. A resident’s confidential contact information will be accessible only by authorized campus officials and law enforcement officers in furtherance of a missing person investigation.
  2. Even if a resident elects not to register a contact person, the University Police and local law enforcement will be notified that the student is missing.
  3. If the resident is under 18 years of age and not emancipated, their parent or guardian will be notified.
  4. All official missing student reports will be referred immediately to University Police.

Missing Persons Procedures

The University will follow specific procedures when a student who resides in an on-campus student housing facility is determined to be missing. Although the HEOA requires that procedures be implemented for students who have been missing for 24 hours, the following procedures are activated immediately or as soon as circumstances warrant.

  1. A resident is reported missing to the University Police. If the report is made to a member of University Housing Services Staff Resident Advisor, Residence Life Coordinator, University Housing Services Office, University Police is contacted immediately.
  1. University Police will contact the local law enforcement agency to take the report and initiate a joint investigation.
  1. Residence Life Team will provide registered missing persons contact person information to University Police.
  1. Contacts are made for purposes of notification, and often as a part of the investigation (e.g. to ensure the student hasn’t returned home, or traveled unexpectedly).
  2. Residence Life Team will assist University Police with their investigation of the missing person.