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UHS 2016-17 Student Housing License Agreement

Policies and Regulations


The Policies and Regulations section is part of the Student Housing License Agreement. Acceptance and agreement to abide by the regulations listed herein is acknowledged through the online completion and electronic submission of the Student Housing License Agreement.


All policies listed here are in effect for all University Housing Services (UHS) property which includes, but is not limited to all the Residence Halls, the Residential Suites, the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, temporary housing accommodations, UHS grounds, La Cienega, Fitness Express, Residential Parking


Lots, Los Olivos Commons, Denny’s and Vista Convenience Store, La Naranjita Center (Java the Hut) 


and at all UHS sponsored events, including those off-campus. Residents who are believed to be in violation of one or more policies may be referred to an official of UHS, the University Police, and/or other administrator from the Division of Student Affairs.


As a resident of UHS, you are responsible for abiding by the Policies and Regulations. The policies have been designed to benefit individual students, as well as the entire residential community. All residents who, by virtue of their behavior toward themselves or other residents, show an inability to live in a group setting under the policies listed below, or refuse intervention by the Residence Life Staff and/or other university official(s) will be asked to leave the UHS Residences or commit to a behavioral contract which may involve the intervention of other sources as prescribed by the Director of University Housing Services (UHS) or a designee. Sanctions for violating any one or more Policies and/or Regulations may range from community service to eviction from UHS property.


Violations of Law; and/or any forms of abuse, assault or harassment; weapons violations; and fire/evacuation safety violations usually result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.






The following definitions apply to resident occupied living area:

Unit is defined as the Licensee’s suite or residence hall room.

Room/Space is defined as a bedroom in Licensee’s suite or bed space in a residence hall room.

Area is defined as a location or place, usually with specific details, such as “common area” referring to any residential building space that is shared by the community.


  1. University Policies

  1. Licensee is required to abide by all university policies. All university policies can be found in the current Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog.


  1. Alcohol


  1. All Licensees and their guests are subject to the following statement from the Alcohol Beverage Control Act: "Every person who sells, furnishes, gives or causes to be sold, furnished, or given away, any alcoholic beverage to any person under the age of 21 years is guilty of a misdemeanor" (Business and Professions Code 2568A).
  2. Misuse of alcohol or illegal behavior will result in disciplinary action and/or arrest by the police.
  3. Possession of any alcohol (open or unopened) shall be interpreted as consumption of alcohol.
  4. Consumption, possession, or storage of alcoholic beverages (including empty alcohol containers) by any Licensee under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  5. If all Licensees of a space are 21 years of age or older, the Licensee(s) may choose to responsibly consume alcohol only in the privacy of their own space with the door closed. Consumption and possession of alcohol in the presence of others under the age of 21 is prohibited.
  6. Possession/use of any empty or full keg, party ball, or other mass drinking device (e.g., beer bongs) is prohibited.
  7. Possession or consumption of alcohol in a public place (including but not limited to outside or indoor stairwells, outside balconies/patios/porches, hallways, lounges, swimming pool, basketball courts, grounds and or any other common areas) is prohibited.
  8. Obvious intoxication by Licensees or their guests within the residences or grounds is prohibited.
  9. Brewing alcohol is strictly prohibited for all residents, regardless of age.
  10. Drinking games are prohibited; this includes, but is not limited to beer pong, quarters, flip cup, or king’s cup. Simulation of such drinking games as water pong, Gatorade pong, etc., is prohibited.
  11. Violation of other University policies and procedures while under the influence of alcohol is a violation of this policy.
  12. Inability to exercise care for one’s own safety and/or the safety of others due to intoxication is a violation of this policy.
  13. The campus has a “Safety First” clause for alcohol-related medical emergencies. The goal of “Safety First” is to ensure that students receive prompt medical attention for any health or safety emergency (alcohol or drug intoxication, physical violence, etc.), and to ensure there are no impediments to reporting incidents. A Safety First policy benefits our campus by encouraging students to make responsible decisions in seeking medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse and in any situation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. If a student is so intoxicated or drugged that s/he is unable to be awakened, letting that person “sleep it off” is not a reasonable alternative to getting him/her the necessary medical help. Failing to seek assistance for a fellow student who appears to be dangerously under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will result in disciplinary action.


  1. Community Responsibility
    1. Community members are expected to comply with all reasonable requests for courtesy towards others, including, but not limited to, issues regarding noise, use of common area space, and trash disposal.
    2. Failure of Licensees to prevent a violation, especially within their space of any stated regulation violates their responsibility as a student and member of this community.
    3. Controlled Substances (Drugs) – Foundation/ University Housing Services enforces a zero tolerance stance for the use or possession of controlled substance. Any violations may result in eviction from F/UHS property on the first offense.
      1. Cal Poly Pomona complies with the Drug-Free Workplace and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. Sale of, use of, being under the influence of, distribution of, storage of, and/or knowingly possessing illegal drugs, controlled substances, or narcotics, as those terms are largely used in the California Statutes, is prohibited. The misuse of any drug, including prescription or over-the-counter medications, is prohibited.
      2. The use or possession of marijuana in any form for recreational or medicinal use is prohibited. The California Compassionate Use Act does not apply to administrative cases involving use and possession of marijuana that violate CSU Student Conduct Code or the Student Housing License Agreement. Residents are NOT protected by the California Compassionate Use Act.
      3. The possession of a 215 medical marijuana card will not be recognized nor honored by Cal Poly Pomona University, nor by Foundation/University Housing Services.
      4. Possession or use of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited. Drug paraphernalia includes, but is not limited to, bongs, pipes, hookahs, vaporizers, vaporize pens, e-cigarettes and/or other devices that may be used to facilitate consumption of illegal drugs.
      5. The use of Salvia is not permitted on Foundation/University Housing Services grounds.
      6. Violation(s) of other University policies while under the influence of controlled substances is a violation of this policy.
      7. The inability to exercise care for one’s own safety and/or the safety of others while under the influence of controlled substances is a violation of this policy.
      8. The campus has a “Safety First” policy for drug-related medical emergencies. The goal of “Safety First” is to ensure that students receive prompt medical attention for any health or safety emergency (alcohol or drug intoxication, physical violence, etc.), and to ensure there are no impediments to reporting incidents. A Safety First policy benefits our campus by encouraging students to make responsible decisions in seeking medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse and in any situation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. If a student is so intoxicated or drugged that s/he is unable to be awakened, letting that person “sleep it off” is not a reasonable alternative to getting him/her the necessary medical help. Failing to seek assistance for a fellow student who appears to be dangerously under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will result in sanctions.
      9. Dangerous Behavior – University Housing Services enforces a zero tolerance stance for dangerous behaviors. Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. Any activity that can be interpreted as endangering or harming oneself, any community member, or guest is prohibited.
      10. Disorderly Conduct
        1. Lewd, indecent or obscene behaviors, whether through conduct or expression, which are not civil or respectful and which breach the peace within or around the residential facilities, other UHS property, or at any UHS-related function are not permitted.
        2. Acts that result in additional clean up in or around the residential facilities and/or interfere with others’ normal use of the facilities are prohibited.
      11. Failure to Comply
        1. Licensees and their guests are required to comply with official requests or directives of university staff (verbal or written) while performing their duties. Failing to provide information to staff, interfering with staff while they are performing their duties, being uncooperative (e.g., failing to identify yourself, leave the building during an evacuation drill or open your door at a staff member’s request) or being verbally abusive to staff is a violation of UHS policy.
        2. Presenting information or documents (i.e., identification) which are fabricated, falsified, or misrepresentative to a university official is prohibited.
      12. Gambling
        1. Gambling in any form is prohibited.
      13. Physical/Written/Verbal Abuse or Harassment – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. Cal Poly Pomona supports a Zero Tolerance Policy on Campus Violence. Threats, racist/sexist/ethnic harassment, malicious pranks and abusive name calling by any member of the community or guest toward an individual or group that seriously threatens or alarms a person or group is prohibited. Causing physical or mental harm, intimidation, and/or the apprehension of physical or verbal harm to any person or self (including threats or attempts of suicide) will result in disciplinary action and/or arrest by the police, as appropriate. Harassment of any person and/or group, through any medium, including the Internet is not permissible.
      14. Sexual Assault – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. Sexual assault, sexual battery or rape of a community member or guest (any person) thereof is prohibited. NOTE: This behavior is defined as any sexual activity that is carried out WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED CONSENT of the parties involved.
      15. Sexual Harassment – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. Sexual harassment includes such behavior as unwanted sexual advances, unwanted request for sexual favors and other unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed towards an employee, student, employment applicant or guest. It is the policy of the university and University Housing Services that the working and learning environments shall be free from sexual harassment of the students, employees, employment applicants and guests. All students and employees should be aware that the university shall take action to eliminate sexual harassment of any form. Students with complaints should contact their Residence Life Coordinator and the Diversity and Compliance Programs Office for more information.




  1. Appliances


  1. Licensee shall NOT possess any electrical appliances used for heating or preparing food other than those with enclosed heating elements.
  2. Toasters and other cooking devices with open heating elements are permissible only in the Residential Suites and should be used in the kitchen areas only. Appliances must be directly supervised at all times while in use.
  3. Hot plates, grills with open/exposed heating elements and/or the fuel materials for such grills are prohibited.
  4. Personally owned refrigerators up to a maximum of 3.7 cubic feet are allowed only in the Residence Halls or Center for Regenerative Studies. Refrigerators are not allowed in the Residential Suites without the expressed permission of University Housing Services.
  5. Residents may be held responsible for any damages or charges caused by appliances brought into the residences, or improper and unsupervised use of any appliances.
  6. All policies under Decorations and Fire Safety apply.
  7. Bicycles/Skateboards/Skates/Motorized Vehicles - Bicycles may be registered with the Campus Police for extra protection.
    1. Riding bicycles, skateboards, roller blades/skates, scooters or any coasting device is prohibited on University Housing Services property.
    2. Bicycles must be stored in either the racks located outside the residences, or in a resident’s unit ONLY with prior permission from all roommates. Bicycles stored in a resident’s unit may not block emergency access to the unit’s window(s) or door(s). Bicycles may not be parked, locked or stored in any other area, including unit patios and balconies. Bicycles left in unauthorized areas (e.g., stairwells, hallways, lobbies, etc.) or abandoned in bicycle racks will be impounded at the owner’s expense.
    3. Parking, locking or riding any motorized vehicle (with the exception of service vehicles such as wheelchairs) within the residences or at any location other than paved roads or paths specifically designated for such use is prohibited.
    4. Until further notice, Hoverboards and similar motorized devices are prohibited on University Housing Services property due to safety and potential fire hazard concerns.
    5. Due to health and safety hazards, public safety officers may remove any motor-driven vehicle from a housing unit without notice to Licensee and/or owner.
    6. Communicable Diseases – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
      1. Any Licensee diagnosed with a communicable disease by Student Health Services or by his/her health care provider will be sent home during the infectious period, or isolated in an assigned room as directed by University Housing Services in consultation with the Student Health Services, and/or the Licensee’s health care provider (as permitted by the resident). Non-campus housing and travel arrangements are made at the student’s expense. Student Health Services and/or the Licensee’s health care provider will clear the Licensee to return the UHS facility, dining services and classes (in consultation with the Licensee’s health care provider, as appropriate).
      2. Any Licensee suspected of having a communicable disease could be quarantined in his/her room or another assigned room while waiting for a diagnosis. Any Licensee exposed to a communicable disease should make an appointment with a physician at Student Health Services, to discuss the possible exposure, symptoms and treatment (if any treatment is available). Examples of communicable and infectious diseases may include: chicken pox, hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis, and influenza-like illnesses.
      3. In the instance of an outbreak, University Housing Services will follow university and local emergency protocols.
      4. Fire Safety/Evacuation – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. All persons are required to evacuate the building any time an alarm sounds and follow evacuation instructions given by the UHS staff. During an evacuation, UHS staff may enter individual units or spaces to verify evacuation. No person is allowed to re-enter the building during an evacuation until approved by UHS staff or emergency personnel.
        2. Intentional misuse of, tampering with or obstruction of the fire safety system or firefighting equipment (e.g., fire alarm, fire extinguisher, emergency "EXIT" signs, smoke detectors, fire sprinkler heads, etc.) is a misdemeanor violation in accordance with City of Pomona Ordinance #3286.
        3. Possession, storage or use of ammunition, explosives (firecrackers fireworks, smoke bombs, etc.), flammables (gasoline, propane, butane, kerosene, etc.), candles or any item with an open flame in the housing facilities (including on balconies and patios) is strictly prohibited.
        4. Burning any material, including incense, is prohibited except when specific prior approval is obtained from the building Coordinator for the purpose of religious observances only.
      5. Gatherings
        1. A gathering of more than 10 people in any residential suite, or of more than 6 people in any residence hall room, without the prior written approval of the building Residence Life Coordinator is a violation.


  1. Guest Conduct and Policy
  2. Licensee: A Cal Poly Pomona student who has a housing license agreement (also referred to as the resident) with University Housing Services and who is assigned to a specific room or suite within a residence.
  3. Host: A resident who is entertaining guests.
  4. Guest: Any individual (including another Cal Poly student, resident, parent, relative, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.) who is visiting a resident in his/her unit or space, or anywhere within the residential community.
  5. Non-Approved Guests: Guests who do not follow the policy outlined below for approved guests.
  6. Guests must be escorted at all times, including when they are in the Licensee's room. Releasing the keys to a Guest is prohibited.
  7. Licensees are responsible and accountable for the conduct of their guests while on UHS property, immediately adjacent areas, or at UHS-sponsored or supervised activities. Guests must not infringe on the rights of roommates or other Licensees.
  8. Overnight guests are to be temporary and infrequent.
  9. University Housing Services reserves the right to deny access to any guest whose behavior is deemed inappropriate.
  10. When any guest is under the age of 18, the Licensee assumes all liability and responsibility for the guest.
  11. Minors cannot be brought to the housing facility for the purpose of babysitting (for reasons of safety and liability).
  12. Overnight Guests: Licensees wishing to host an overnight guest(s) must obtain the approval from all other Licensees in the unit, present or not, and in advance of the overnight stay. Licensee may have a guest(s) stay overnight for up to two (2) nights per calendar month without charge. Licensees who have an overnight guest must register the guest with University Housing Services, using the online Overnight Guest Request form available here. A prorated per night fee will be assessed to the host for nights beyond the second night per calendar month and/or for violations of this policy.
  13. Non-Approved Guests: Licensees will be charged a prorated per night fee for each night a “non-approved” guest is hosted, regardless of the length of stay. Licensees in violation of the guest policy are subject to UHS/University Conduct proceedings. “Non-approved” guests are subject to UHS/University Conduct proceedings and/or prosecution, as appropriate.
  14. Loitering
    1. No Licensees or guests may sleep in the lounges, lobbies, or other public areas unless it is in conjunction with an official UHS sponsored event and approved in writing by the Coordinator of the building.
    2. Musical Instruments
      1. No excessive sound from musical instruments (amplified or non-amplified) will be allowed in UHS facilities unless it is in conjunction with an official UHS sponsored event and approved in writing by the Coordinator of the building.
      2. Pets
        1. Licensee shall not harbor, feed, or possess any animal in or around the residential property with the exception of a registered service animal.
        2. No "visiting" pets are allowed in student units or in the residential properties with the exception of a registered service animal.
        3. Only fish are allowed (provided they aren’t illegal to own). Fish tanks in excess of 10 gallons are not permitted.
        4. Cleaning and/or pest control resulting from fish or unauthorized pets will be charged to the Licensee.
      3. Quiet Hours
        1. All students must abide by quiet hour guidelines. "Quiet Hours" are 10:00 p.m. – 10:00 a.m., Sunday – Thursday and 12:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. During these times, all noise shall be held to a minimum. During all other times, reasonable respect of noise should be shown. During finals week, "Quiet Hours" are extended to 23 hours per day.
        2. At all times, the ability to occupy one's unit for the purpose of studying, sleeping or engaging in activities in an atmosphere of peace and quiet takes precedence over other activities. Engaging in unreasonably loud activities, which are defined as: (a) a level of noise which may be deemed an undue disturbance by another member of the community or, (b) creating noise – including, but not limited to, voice, musical instruments and stereos – which is audible outside of one’s unit during quiet hours, either inside or outside the residential properties is prohibited.
      4. Sales and Solicitation
        1. Advertising, sales, promotion, commercial transactions and/or solicitation by residents or off-campus persons is prohibited in all areas unless approved by University Housing Services and with written approval by the Resident Hall Coordinator.
      5. Security
        1. All residences are locked 24 hours per day. Call phones are located outside the main front entrance of each residence hall and buildings 60 & 61 (Vista Bonita and Vista del Sol) at the suites. These phones may be used to contact the RA on Duty or front desk. Providing access to buildings to those other than residents, staff, or attended guests by any means – including but not limited to failing to lock or secure doors, propping entrance doors, removing a window screen, allowing a person entrance into a building and leaving them unattended in a public area – is prohibited.
        2. Resident Advisors are available via the Duty Cell phone and there is a Resident Life Coordinator on-duty 24 hours a day.
      6. Smoking
        1. In compliance with California State Code, Cal Poly Pomona has adopted a campus-wide no smoking policy. University Housing Services does not permit smoking inside any part of the housing facility, including individual units and balconies/patios/porches or ledges. Cigarette butts must be properly disposed of outside all buildings. Smoking is only permitted 25 feet outside the facilities.
      7. Trespassing
        1. Use of the University Housing Services Residences is limited to the Licensees, their escorted guests and other persons specifically authorized by UHS.
        2. The presence in any residential property of any nonresident or person who is not currently listed as a Licensee of that property and who is not authorized by UHS constitutes a trespass. Those trespassing on the premises of the residential property may be arrested. Trespassers may be asked to leave University property at any time.
      8. Vandalism/Theft
        1. Damages to or theft of university property, or to other property located on university property, willfully or negligently caused by a resident or guest is prohibited.
        2. Unauthorized removal, possession, use or misuse, defacing, tampering, damage or destruction of any property belonging to a community member or a guest thereof is prohibited.
        3. Restitution for clean-up repair or replacement related to violations will be made by the responsible resident(s).
      9. Weapons – Any violations may result in eviction from UHS property on the first offense.
        1. Possession, use or threatened use of any weapon deemed by the campus authorities to be deadly is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, switchblade knives, ammunition, dangerous chemicals, daggers, machetes, slingshots, water guns, stun guns, BB guns, paint ball guns and other weapon-like instruments (including air/water/gas propelled guns or any projectile devices) or weapons commonly known as black jacks, sand clubs, Billy clubs, and metal knuckles, etc. Metal pipes, bars, razors with unguarded edge, or any knife being used for a purpose other than food preparation are also considered weapons and are prohibited. Misuse of personal defensive devices (e.g., pepper spray, etc.) is prohibited.




  1. Alteration of Premises
    1. Alterations, changes, remodeling and/or renovations, including but not limited to, painting of the unit, tampering with the electrical or mechanical fixtures in the unit or public areas, installing in-line water purification systems or installing a door or area lock without prior written consent of UHS is prohibited. All fixtures that are installed become part of the premises, and therefore property of UHS.
    2. Tampering with or removal of blinds, windows or window screens from any part of the building is prohibited.
    3. Licensee shall not configure his/her unit or space in any manner as to block emergency access to the unit’s window(s) or door(s).
    4. Licensee shall not install or place any equipment of any type on the grounds or on/in the buildings.
    5. Licensee shall not tamper with or plant any material on the grounds.
    6. Unauthorized removal, possession, use or misuse, defacing, tampering, damage or destruction of university-owned property, leased property, or equipment is prohibited.
    7. Building Exterior
      1. Throwing, projecting, dropping, shaking, spilling, hanging, staking marketing on the grounds, climbing up/in, or passing any object(s) from any UHS building exterior – which includes but is not limited to balconies/patios/porches, windows, roofs and ledges – is not permitted.
      2. Nothing is to be placed, stored, affixed or exhibited on the building exterior – which includes, but is not limited to, balconies/patios/porches, windows, roofs and ledges.
      3. Windows are to remain in their tracks. Removal, bending and/or propping of window screens is prohibited.
      4. Using one’s balcony/patio/porch or window as a means of entry or exit is prohibited.
      5. Common/Public Areas
        1. Common and public areas are for the use of the UHS Licensees and their guests only.
        2. Licensees must be appropriately dressed (e.g., shirt, shorts/pants) when walking or lounging in common or public areas.
        3. Licensees are not to use trash containers in common areas (e.g., laundry room, lobby, or restrooms) for their personal garbage. Leaving personal trash/garbage or recyclables in the hallway or other common or public areas is not permitted.
        4. Any malicious damage to the buildings, grounds or other University Housing Services facilities is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to all common area furnishings in the lounge, study rooms, lobbies, stairs, laundry rooms, doors, walkways, Los Olivos Dining Commons, residential parking lots, and all other university property.
        5. Use of bathrooms designated for the opposite gender is prohibited.
        6. Use of cameras and/or camera function on a phone in any public bathroom is not allowed.
        7. Licensee shall notify the office of damages to the dwellings and/or grounds of the housing facilities or submit a work order request to repair damaged property.
        8. Decorations
          1. Decorations that are flammable or fire hazards (including candles or incense – are prohibited - see  Fire Safety, II. Community Standards, #D.
          2. Licensee shall not bring or maintain any hazardous electrical decoration including, but not limited to, halogen torch lighting.
          3. Extension cords and multiple plugs/outlet adapters are prohibited.
          4. Only power strips with a minimum 1449 UL listed surge suppressor with sufficient joule capacity should be used for protection of computers and other electrical equipment.
          5. It is prohibited to cover more than 25% of a door or wall in both private and public spaces.
          6. It is prohibited to hang objects from the ceiling in both private and public spaces.
          7. "Live cut" trees (such as Christmas trees) or other combustible decorations are prohibited in the residential facilities.
          8. Any permissible holiday decorations in the residential buildings must be made of fireproof materials and be UL (Underwriters Laboratory) List-approved for the intended use.
          9. Battery operated LED lights are permitted. All LED and electrical decorations must remain within unit and not be mounted on doors, windows or their frames.
          10. Dining Services Policies and Regulations
            1. All residents are required to purchase a Meal (board) plan determined by the community in which they are assigned.
            2. The Bronco Access Card or meal ID card is not transferable. It is a violation to assist unauthorized persons to enter the dining area.
            3. Meal I.D. cards must be presented to appropriate personnel when entering the dining areas. The presentation of the meal ID card is limited to one entrance for each meal period.
            4. Students are required to bus their own tableware in all food service areas.
            5. Students must comply with the reasonable requests of Foundation Dining Service personnel or UHS staff while in the dining areas.
            6. It is prohibited to take any dishes or utensils from the dining hall without permission.
            7. Students are not permitted to take food out of the dining room without prior consent except for a beverage in the Los Olivos mug, an ice-cream cone, 2 cookies or one piece of fruit.
            8. The back patio area of the Los Olivos Dining Commons is provided for Los Olivos customers only.
            9. There is no compensation for missed meals for any reason. An assumed percentage of absenteeism is used in projecting the meal costs.
            10. Foundation Dining Service personnel will, whenever possible, attempt to meet the needs of students with special diets or disabilities. There will not be a reduction of food service fees for dietary or other related problems.
            11. Meal points are valid for the period of the contract term. Unused meal points at the end of one quarter carry over to the next quarter, with the exception of Spring, which is considered the end of the contract period. All remaining meal points at the end of Spring are forfeited. Unused meal points are forfeited (not refunded) if the licensee cancels prior to the end of the contract period or cancels their meal plan.
      6. Furnishings
        1. Each unit is carpeted and furnished with the following items: desks, chairs, beds (frame and mattress), chests of drawers, trashcans, recycling bins and a smoke detector. Furniture may not be removed from the unit at any time.
        2. Waterbeds or water-filled furniture are not allowed in the UHS residences.
        3. UHS provided equipment: supplies and furnishings must not be dismantled or removed from their designated area. Charges may be assessed for misuse, removal or theft.
        4. Lofts may only be constructed with UHS provided lofting materials and in accordance to the appropriate use of the lofting equipment/materials (e.g., no "half" lofting, all lofts must use a support bar). Any other loft constructions are prohibited.
      7. Keys
        1. Each Licensee is issued a key to his/her unit/space and mailbox, and a key or keycard to his/her building. All keys remain the property of the University.
        2. It is prohibited to duplicate, transfer, loan or sell any key or keycard to another individual for any reason.
        3. For security reasons any lost, stolen, misplaced key(s) must be reported to the Housing Office, located in Building 59 within 24 hours.
        4. A non-refundable charge will be assessed for any replacement key(s) issued to the Licensee during occupancy and/or any keys(s) lost or not returned upon Licensee’s checkout. In the event a key is lost:
          1. Residence Hall, Residential Suites, and Center for Regenerative Studies Licensees will be charged $50.00 for the lock change (including keys) and $10.00 for each mailbox key.
          2. Licensees are responsible for carrying their unit keys at all times. A Licensee may request lockout assistance from University Housing Services in Building 59 during regular business hours. Licensees are allowed three (2) FREE lockouts per contract period. On the third (3rd) lockout, the licensee will be assessed a $25.00 fee. Each subsequent lock-out will incur a $25.00 fee. . For after-hour and weekend lockouts, contact the on-duty Resident Advisor. Excessive lockouts may result in disciplinary action.
      8. Improper Room Transfer


  1. Moving into or changing units/spaces without the express direction of UHS designee or the Coordinator of the building is a violation. Licensees who switch spaces without completing a Room Change Request and without approval of Housing will be charged a lockset change fee and may be required to move back to their original space.
  2. Licensees who do not have roommates should be prepared to have a roommate move in at any time. Spreading out into the vacant space of a unit is considered an improper room transfer. A labor charge may be assessed if it prevents the Facilities staff from cleaning the room or a new resident from moving in.
  3. Posting
    1. The distribution or posting of any materials not approved by University Housing Services is prohibited (see UHS for a copy of the posting policy.)
    2. Public display of "obscene matter" as defined in the California Penal Code, Section 311, is prohibited anywhere on campus, including the housing facility. UHS reserves the right to remove from public view any signs or objects deemed offensive to others or prejudicial to the overall goals of the university. This includes offensive or alcohol/drug related materials. "Public display" and "public view" includes the outside of room doors, windows facing out and hallway bulletin boards.


  1. Restricted Access
  2. Unauthorized presence on rooftops, ledges, trees, sides of buildings or areas marked for restricted access in any UHS building is prohibited.
  3. Room Care
    1. Reasonable care of the licensee’s unit, its furnishings and cleanliness is the responsibility of every Licensee. Failure to abide by this may result in professional cleaning and/or pest control at the Licensees expense.
    2. Trash and recyclables should be removed from the licensee’s unit to the proper receptacles outside of the building in a timely manner and on a regular basis. Residents are not to use trash containers in common areas (e.g., laundry room, lobby, community restrooms) for their personal garbage (See Common/Public Areas), or to leave their personal garbage or recyclables in the hallway or common/public areas. Trash bins are to be closed and secured to prevent problems with insects, pests and rodents.
    3. Upon check-in, Licensee shall check his/her unit/space for any damages, recording the room condition and noting damages on the Room Inventory form. This form must be signed and returned to the front desk or to a UHS staff member (Resident Advisor or Residence Halls Coordinator) in order for the check-in process to be complete.
    4. Licensee shall notify the office of damage to his/her unit/space or submit a Work Order Request for repair of damaged property. Any Licensee who submits a Work Order Request for repair of articles within his/her unit hereby gives authorized University Housing Services personnel access to his/her unit for said repair.
    5. Periodically UHS staff will perform Health and Safety Inspections. Periodic light cleaning will also be performed in all Residential Suites. Licensees will be given advance notice of these inspections, as they require entry into every student room. If any violations of the Student Housing License Agreement are found during such inspections, appropriate action will be taken.
    6. Each Licensee is responsible for his/her own unit and space. Licensees occupying a suite are also responsible for unit common areas; any charges incurred will be split appropriately. Common area or shared unit damage charges will be divided and assessed equally between all residents of a unit if the university cannot determine responsibility for damages or loss after appropriate investigation.


  1. All policies under Building Exterior – Balconies/Patios/Porches, Windows, Roofs, and Ledges apply.
    1. Storage
  2. There is no storage available outside of your unit. Any items left after the close of the academic year will be inventoried and/or disposed of by the University three days after checkout. Inventory and disposal fees will be charged to the Licensee accordingly.

M. Swimming

  1. The pool is for UHS residential students and their escorted guests only. The pool hours are from sunrise to 10 p.m. daily. There is no lifeguard on duty and swimming is at your own risk.
  2. No food, drinks, or bottles are permitted in the pool area.
  3. Forcing anyone into the swimming pool against his/her own will is prohibited.
  4. Fitness Express is a free service for UHS residents. To activate their membership residents are required to attend an initial orientation session and must complete and turn in a liability release form.
    1. Fitness Express is open from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Monday – Friday and 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Hours may vary during finals week, holidays and campus breaks and during hiring of new staff (first week of Summer or Fall quarters).
    2. Residents must use the equipment in an appropriate and safe manner.
    3. Residents must bring and use their access card and Cal Poly ID to enter the facility.
    4. Guests are not allowed.
    5. Residents are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment.
    6. Residents are required to wipe down equipment after use.
    7. Residents must bring a towel and wear appropriate athletic attire. No jeans or street shoes allowed. Shirts/tops are required at all times. No open-toed shoes are allowed.
    8. No glass bottles are allowed.
    9. Residents must not prop or open the doors for anyone.
    10. Residents are expected to show courtesy and consideration for other members using the facility.
    11. Use of Housing Facilities
      1. Licensees shall use their units for living purposes only. Licensees shall not use their unit or the housing facility for any commercial purposes or for-profit business.
      2. Use of facilities’ meeting spaces for organization meetings needs permission from the Residence Life Coordinator.
        1. Abandoned Property
  5. University assumes no responsibility or liability for loss, damage, or destruction of personal property belonging to Licensee or his/her guests during the term of their license. Unclaimed, lost, or abandoned property – including any property left in the unit beyond the term of the license agreement - valued at or above three hundred dollars ($300) shall be held by the campus for a period of at least three months. After such time, the property, except unclaimed cash, shall be offered at public auction to the highest bidder. Notice of such sale shall be published once at least five days prior to the sale in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the property is held. Auction proceeds received and any related interest earnings shall be used for scholarships and loans to students enrolled at the campus where the sale is held. The campus may dispose of any property, except cash, upon which no bid is made at any sale.  Items valued under $300 may be donated to another public institution or not-for-profit organization or otherwise disposed of.

2.   Any property, including bicycles, left in the outside surrounding areas (UHS property surrounding traditional halls, and residential suites, and residential parking lots) beyond the term of the license agreement shall be deemed abandoned, and the University may dispose of such property in accord with the above provision.

3.   The Board of Trustees of the California State University, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and their officers, agents, and employees are hereby relieved of any and all liability for disposing of any unclaimed, lost, or abandoned property in the manners described above.

Recording Devices

  1. Facilities Recording: making, attempting to make, transmitting, or attempting to transmit audio or video on Housing property for commercial or educational purposes (other than programmatic) are prohibited. Prior, written approval is required by the Director for Residence Life, or a designee. Recording programs and events must be verbally pre-approved by the Program Presenter(s).
  2. Privacy Recording- Personal Facilities: Making, attempting to make, transmitting, or attempting to transmit audio or video of any person(s) on Housing property in bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, or other premises where there is an explicit expectation of privacy, without the knowledge and consent of all participants subject to such recordings, is prohibited.
  3. Privacy Recording- Communication: Students are expected to respect the reasonable expectations of privacy of other individuals within the Housing community. Accordingly, students are not permitted to make or attempt to make audio or video recording of private, non-public conversations and/or meetings on University premises, without the knowledge and consent of all participants subject to such recordings. In such circumstances, the use of undisclosed hidden recording devices is prohibited, as is the transmission and/or distribution of any such recordings. This provision does not extend to the recording of public events or discussions, or to recordings made for law enforcement purposes. 


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