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Cost Calculator

  • This cost calculator is for 2014-15 Academic Year rates.
  • Payment includes required $50.00 deposit for the Halls/CRS or $150.00 deposit for Suites. Payment also includes $15.00 Interhall Council fee
  • Payment includes $10.00 non-refundable administrative fee.

Full Contract

This plan is designed for students who wish to pay upfront the full amount for the housing fees and not have the worries of making payments throughout the year. Students who choose this option will not have administrative fees added as with other plans.


This plan allows students to make their payments once each quarter, for a total of three payments for the academic year. A $10 administrative fee is added to each payment.

Financial Aid

This plan is for students who anticipate receiving financial aid (grants and loans). Financial aid funds are credited directly to your student account every quarter and will pay tuition fees first, any other fees due to the University and then any money remaining will be used for your housing. If Financial Aid does not cover all expenses, it is the responsibility of the student to pay the balance due by the payment due dates listed on the cost tables.


This plan is designed to meet the needs of students who would prefer to have their payments made twice each quarter, for a total of six payments for the academic year. Please follow the cost tables for the dates payments are due. A $10 administrative fee is added to each payment. Please note: This option is not available to students choosing the financial aid method, since all financial aid disbursements are done once per academic quarter.