Cal Poly Pomona

Loss of Benefits Eligibility & COBRA Rights


COBRA Coverage

Employees and/or their dependents who lose eligibility for their CSU benefits may elect to temporarily continue the medical, dental and/or vision insurances through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).

Under the provisions of COBRA, the member pays the full premium cost, including the CSU/state's share, plus a 2% administrative fee.

Enrollment is established through Benefits Services and, once established, the employee and/or dependent pays the premiums directly to the carrier.

Contact Benefit Services, at 909-869-3734 or 3735 for COBRA election timelines and details.

COBRA Events

  • Employees termination of employment (except for gross misconduct);
  • Death of the member;
  • Employee's reduction in work hours;
  • Divorce or legal separation;
  • Dependent child ineligibility (marriage, attaining age 23)