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Delta Dental (Indemnity Plan)

Clip Art drawing of a dentist working on a patient.

The CSU Delta Dental Comprehensive Dental Program is an indemnity plan under the Delta Dental Plan of California. There are three benefit levels in this plan: basic, enhanced level I and enhanced level II. The level of plan is determined according to your employee group/collective bargaining agreement. Members are responsible for paying any remaining balance that might be due for services based on the type of dental treatment they receive.

Employees enrolled in the indemnity plan have the option of selecting a dentist of his/her choice from either the Delta Dental Premier Network in California, or a non-Delta dentist. Within Delta's Premier network, there is a select group of dentists who also are members of the Delta Dental PPO network. Dentists in the PPO network have agreed to charge significantly lower fees than other dentists, and as of January 1, 2006, employees who select a dentist from the Delta Dental PPO network will pay less out-of-pocket expenses and could save an average of 23 - 30% on most services.

Delta Premier Group # : 4018 Telephone # : (888) 335-8227