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New or Newly Benefits Eligible Employee

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New Employee

If you are a new benefits eligible employee, you have a period of initial eligibility during which you may enroll yourself and your eligible family members.

Your initial period of eligibility is the first 60 calendar days from the date of your benefits eligible appointment.

Your coverage normally (see note below) becomes effective the first day of the month following the date that you complete your health plan enrollment forms with Benefit Services. Only one election is allowed during this 60-day period.

Note: When the appointment is on the last day of a month, which is the first day of the following pay period, the earliest effective date will be the first of the second month. This applies to new enrollments only. Example: Employee appointed/completed enrollment forms on July 31 (July 31 is part of the August pay period), the effective date for coverage would be September 1. This is mandatory, since we prepay our medical premiums.

Newly Eligible Employee

If you become eligible for CSU benefits because of a change in employment status, you will have a 60 calendar day period of initial eligibility in which to enroll yourself and your eligible family members.

The 60-day period is based upon the effective date of the benefits eligible appointment. Check with Benefit Services to find out exactly when your 60-day enrollment period ends, information regarding Benefits Orientation, and information on how to enroll.

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