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Health Coverage 

Health Plan Options in 2009

The following health plans will be offered in 2009:

  • Blue Shield Access+ (Plus) HMO (must select a primary care physician from the network)

  • Blue Shield NetValue HMO - High Performance Physician Network* (must select a primary care physician from the network)

  • Kaiser Permanente (HMO)

  • PERSCare (PPO)

  • PERS Choice (PPO)

  • PERS Select (PPO) - High Performance Physician Network**

  • Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), an Association plan. To enroll in PORAC, eligible employees must belong to and pay dues to the Association. Currently, only Unit 8 employees, Statewide University Police Association (SUPA) who have PORAC membership are eligible to enroll in the PORAC health plan. You may call them directly at (800) 937-6722 or visit their website at for further information.

Name Change: Blue Cross of California which administers the CalPERS PPO plans is now Anthem Blue Cross.

*Blue Shield NetValue (HMO):

The Blue Shield NetValue, introduced in 2008, has a smaller network of medical groups, but offers a lower premium than Blue Shield Access+ while still providing the same quality of care and comprehensive benefits to the CSU employees enrolled in the plan.

Members may contact Blue Shield at (800) 334-5847 or visit their website at to find answers to any question.

**PERS Select (PPO):
PERS Select, introduced in 2008, has a smaller network of medical groups, but offers a significantly lower premium than PERS Choice or PERSCare. PERS Select is a lower cost option for members who value the freedom of choice offered through a PPO plan design. The PERS Select Plan is available in all California counties except Alameda, Marin, Placer and Solano. You may contact Anthem Blue Cross Member Services at (877) 737-7776 or visit their website at to find more information regarding this plan.

Kaiser Permanente:

Kaiser Permanente will include eye refraction (eye exam) as part of the preventive care service with a zero co-payment.


For the 2009 contract year, the basic HMO plan premiums represent an average increase of 6.57% from 2008 rates. The Preferred Provider (PPO) plans (PersCare, PersChoice & Pers Select) premiums for 2009 represent an average decrease of 0.04% from 2008 rates. However, while plan premiums have increased, the CSU also has increased its employer contribution. View the updated CSU Medical Plan Premium Chart for 2009 premium costs. Summaries and comparisons of the various medical and dental plans are also available through the Open Enrollment Webpage. Detailed coverage information and provider directories are available through our website at or upon request through Human Resource Services at our Customer Service Center (CLA Building 98, Rm. B1-20). If you are currently enrolled in a health plan through the CSU, CalPERS has already mailed you a personalized "Health Plan Statement." This statement informs you of which health plan you are currently enrolled in and also includes the names of all covered dependents. Please notify the Benefits Office at x-3734 or x-3735 if the information contained in the Health Plan Statement is not correct.