Cal Poly Pomona

Choosing Your Medical Plan

Choosing Your Medical Plan - A Step At A Time

Following are information and tools to assist you in deteriming the best CSU contracted CalPERS health plan choice for you and your family:

Step One - Review the Health Plan Options

By starting here, you can see the available health plans available and you'll also find links to their Web sites.

Step Two - Review Our Health Program Publications and Enrollment Materials

These important booklets are available to review online. You'll find lots of information about the available health plans, covered benefits, and more.

Step Three - Compare Health Plan Rate Information

You'll find the monthly premium rates for each plan here.

Step Five - Use the Health Plan Chooser Service

You can use this "one-stop" online service, available on the Pacific Business Group on Health's Web site, to compare the CalPERS health plans you're considering. You'll find all the information available in Steps One through Four above, including the plans available to you in your area, premium costs, physician availability, and more.

Step Six - Learn More through Other Online Health Resources

Part of making a good health plan choice is being a knowledgeable health care consumer. Being informed ensures you get the most out of your health coverage. You'll find a variety of online resources here.