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Dual Coverage

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Enrolling in Two CalPERS Health Plans

Dual CalPERS coverage occurs when you are enrolled in a CalPERS health plan as both a member and a dependent or as a dependent on two enrollments. This duplication of coverage is against the law. When dual CalPERS coverage is discovered, the enrollment that caused the dual coverage will be retroactively canceled. You may be responsible for all costs incurred from the date the dual coverage began.

Multiple Plans Without Dual CalPERS Coverage

Members can be enrolled in both a CalPERS-sponsored health plan and a health plan provided through another employer that is not sponsored by CalPERS. For example, a spouse who is enrolled in a CalPERS-sponsored plan may also be enrolled in the plan provided by his or her private (non-CalPERS sponsored) employer's plan. In this case, the benefits provided by each plan will be subject to the "Coordination of Benefits" as provided by each of the two plans.