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Open Enrollment 2009

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The CalPERS Board of Administration approved a 2010 health rates package that will increase overall premiums by only 2.9 percent. This is the lowest increase in 14 years.

The employer contribution rates have been increased slightly, so some employees will experience an increase in their monthly share of the premiums and some will experience a slight decrease.

To find out the new employer contribution rates and the monthly employee share of premiums for 2010, according to health plan choice and number of dependents, view the updated CSU Medical Plan Premium Chart.

Summaries and comparisons of the various medical and dental plans are also available through the Open Enrollment Webpage. Detailed coverage information and provider directories are available through our website at or upon request through Human Resource Services at our Customer Service Center (CLA Building 98, Rm. B1-20).

If you are currently enrolled in a health plan through the CSU, CalPERS has already mailed you a personalized "Health Plan Statement." This statement informs you of which health plan you are currently enrolled in and also includes the names of all covered dependents. Please notify the Benefits Office at x-3734 or x-3735 if the information contained in the Health Plan Statement is not correct.