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Keep Your Benefits Records Updated

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Please remember to keep your benefits current when making any major life changes. Contact Benefit Services at extension 3734 or 3735 should you marry, divorce, change your domestic partnership status, experience the death of a covered dependent, move, change your name, have a new child, adopt, or take in a new child that is economically dependent upon you, or should your child marry. There are timelines for making certain changes to your health benefits due to life event changes!

Retroactivity - Not Making Timely Health Care Changes

When changes take place in your life - such as change in marital status,change in registered domestic partner status,death of a family member, employment/position changes, or other circumstances - they can affect health coverage eligibility for you, your spouse or domestic partner, or their dependents. If enrollment changes like this are not reported to Benefit Services in a timely manner, health premiums may be underpaid or overpaid until we are notified.

What are the consequences of failing to provide information on changes in enrollment in a timely manner? Employees who fail to report changes in their health enrollments in a timely manner could be liable to reimburse for premiums paid in excess of six months from the date the change was recorded. In addition, members may be liable to the health plans for costs incurred as a result of services provided to an ineligible dependent.

Also, there are time limits on retroactive premium adjustments. Not recording a deletion or cancellation in a timely manner could result in your not being entitled to retroactive benefit premiums beyond a specified period of time.