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On-Line Retirement Presentation


Welcome! This online workshop has been developed to help employees eligible for California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) membership to learn more about your CalPERS benefits and the retirement process.

The workshop is designed for you to begin with the introduction below and then proceed by clicking on the continue button at the end of each section. Once you have completed the workshop, or at any time, you can also click on the links below to review a particular section.

We hope you find our multimedia presentation(s) helpful and convenient. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about this presentation, please email them to:

On-Line Retirement Presentation

Retirement Presentation

  1. Introduction

  2. Calculating Your CalPERS Retirement

  3. Health Benefits Eligibility In Retirement

  4. Retirement Check Deductions

  5. Survivor Continuance and Retirement Option Choices

  6. Choosing a Retirement Date

  7. Retirement Estimates

  8. Workshops and Appointments

  9. How to File for Retirement


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