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If You Need Services Right Away

Picture of a pharmacist talking on the phone with a prescription bottle in her hand.

Your health benefit enrollment forms reflect the effective date for your coverage. However, it may take 30 to 60 days after you enroll before the insurance companies have a record of your enrollment. So, be sure to keep a copy of your enrollment confirmation and/or enrollment form for your records.

Contact Benefit Services, extension 3734 or 3735, if you need to use the services of one of your health benefit plans and your insurance carrier does not yet have a record of your enrollment. It is also wise to alert the Benefits Representative if you know at the time of enrollment that you will be needing to utilize services immediately after your new enrollment is set to begin.

Dental and Vision - Check Your Paycheck Stub First

Do not use the dental and vision coverage until after the effective date indicated on your enrollment form and not until you see the notation on your Statement of Earnings and Deductions (paycheck stub). This notation will confirm the premium payment has been made to the insurance carrier. If you need to use services and do not see the premium notation on your paycheck stub, please contact Benefit Services, ext. 3734 or 3735, to report the discrepancy and learn how to receive needed care.

Open Enrollment

If you change plans during open enrollment but do not yet see your new plan's premium payment, do not return to your prior plan for services. Contact Benefit Services, extension 3734 or 3735, to report the discrepancy and to learn how to receive needed care.