Cal Poly Pomona

Enrolling in the TSA Program

Six (6) Easy Steps

Step 1

Learn About the Program

What is TSA?

Step 2

Choose Your TSA Company(ies)

Choose the TSA company(ies) to invest with from the Authorized List of TSA Companies. Remember, you may contribute to up to two companies at any one time.

Step 3

Talk to Your Selected TSA Company(ies)

Arrange a meeting (or a phone conference) with your selected TSA investment company(ies) and:

  • Decide how much you want to contribute and the pay period when you want your deductions to begin. The minimum contribution to your TSA account is $15 per month; however, some investment companies may have higher minimums you must meet.
  • Ask the company to perform a maximum contribution calculation to verify that the amount you want to invest does not exceed your maximum annual permissable amounts. You will have to provide certain information to assist them in preparing an accurate calculation. Ask for a copy of that calculation. Complete the Worksheet to Determine Eligibility for 403(b) Contributions Over Annual Limit if you will be contributing over the annual limit; If you like auto calculation version, click here.

Step 4

Enroll/Set Up Your 403(b) Account

Enroll/Set up your qualified 403(b) account with the investment company(ies). Obtain certification from the company(ies) that your account has been established. Choose how you want your savings to be invested.

Step 5

Salary Reducation Agreement Completion

Complete a Salary Reduction Agreement indicating how much you want to save in the TSA program and authorizing the CSU to begin payroll deductions.

Remember the Salary Reduction Agreement must be signed and submitted to Human Resources prior to the date the applicable salary payment is earned (e.g., if the SRA is to be applied to the June pay period’s salary payment on July 1st, it must be signed and submitted to Human Resources by May 31st). This rule applies to new SRAs, SRA changes and cancellations.

The IRS now permits an employee to change his or her Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) at any time during the year. Because the CSU has a monthly payroll, employees may submit a new SRA each pay period if desired.

Step 6

Submit Your Salary Reduction Agreement to Human Resources

Return the following documents to your Benefits Representative in Human Resources:

  1. Completed Salary Reduction Agreement; and
  2. investment company certification that your qualified 403(b) account has been established.
  3. Worksheet to Determine Eligibility for 403(b) Contributions Over Annual Limit (if applicable).