Cal Poly Pomona

Open Enrollment 2008

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Vision Care

The CSU's vision coverage is provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP). Coverage booklets and the participant provider list are available through the vision webpage on the Benefits Website.

You may also visit VSP's website at or phone them at (800) 877-7195 (refer to group #12292796). Vision premiums are employer paid.

Dependent Enrollments

As we strive to enhance benefits accessibility, and provide improved customer service to you, the Benefits Office will begin collecting your dependent information as part of your enrollment into the CSU Vision Plan. This new requirement is similar to the way your dependent information is currently collected for the medical and dental plans.

During the open enrollment period (September 15th through October 10th ), you will have an opportunity to inform us of your dependents for Vision Plan enrollment. To ensure that our records accurately reflect the correct vision plan dependents, we strongly encourage you to review your vision dependents during Open Enrollment. If we do not receive this information, your vision plan dependents will default to reflect your current dental plan dependents.

In the future, you will also have the opportunity to update dependent information during any annual open enrollment period, or within 60 days of a qualifying family status event.

Attached is a benefits enrollment form to assist you in providing any updates pertinent to your benefits enrollment.