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Classification & Compensation
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Where can I find the salary range for my classification?

A: Please click on the following link which is the CSU Salary
Then, under the “Select Salary Schedule by Issue Date,” select the first link, click on your bargaining unit, find your classification and the salary range is listed.

2. Q: What is the difference between an in-range progression salary
increase and a reclassification?

A: With an in-range progression salary increase, you retain your current classification, but can move up within the salary range for your classification. With a reclassification, you receive a salary increase and your classification changes upward. You also serve a new probationary period, depending upon what bargaining unit you are in. For more information, please see Questions #3 and #4.

3. Q: What is the procedure to request an in-range progression

A: Please refer to the procedure listed on our website at:

4. Q: What is the procedure to request a classification review?

A: Please see the classification procedures listed on our website at:

5. Q: What if I am not reclassified? Is there an appeal process?

A: Yes, for most bargaining units, there is. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement and also look at the Classification Decision form Human Resources will send to you that includes a deadline to file the appeal. You may pick up an appeal form at the Human Resources Customer Service Center or contact Stephany Soria at x4528.

6. Q: What types of salary increases/raises can I get from my
bargaining unit?

A: Please refer to the collective bargaining agreement for your union which can be accessed on the Employee Relations section of our website at:
In addition, Cal Poly Pomona has additional qualifications that are required for specific jobs. Please see the recruitment job flyer for the specific requirements or call Human Resources.

7. Q: Where do I learn about the information contained in the
classification standard for my position?

A: Please click on the CSU classification standards link at:

8. Q: Where can I get a copy of my job description?

A: First, please ask your department Administrative Assistant who should have a copy on file. If your department does not have a copy, you may call x4528 or e-mail to put in a request. Please allow at least 2 working days to receive a copy.

9. Q: What tips do I consider when I’m writing/updating my job

A: Please review the cover sheet to the Position Description form, which can be found on our website at:

10. Q: I am a new manager, how do I learn about the
compensation/classification procedures available for my

A: First, please review the procedures listed under the Employment and Compensation section on our website at:

For further information, please contact the Manager, Employment & Compensation at x2927 or the Compensation/Classification Specialist at x4487; or the Employment/Compensation/Classification Analyst at x4528 .