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Conflict of Interest

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This webpage provides information regarding Conflict of Interest in the workplace and disclosures and training required by law.

Political Reform Act of 1974

The Political Reform Act of 1974 requires the California State University (CSU), as an agency, to adopt and communicate Conflict of Interest (COI) codes. The Act contains a general prohibition against conflicts of interest. Conflict of Interest law seeks to minimize the extent to which public employees pursue their own financial interests at the expense of the public interest.

Under the Act, no CSU/Cal Poly Pomona employee shall make, participate in making, or attempt to use his or her official position to influence a University decision in which he or she has a financial interest. University employees shall not vote, make recommendations, or in any way participate in personnel or financial decisions if such participation constitutes a conflict of interest.


The CSU Conflict of Interest Code requires employees in designated positions to file a Statement of Economic Interests Form 700 (pdf ) on an annual basis and complete training within 6 months of assuming office and every two years thereafter.


New employees in designated positions or current employees newly appointed to designated positions are notified about their requirement to file and take training in the following ways:

  • Job Announcement and Position Description
  • Letter from the Campus Conflict of Interest Officer
  • Notification from Procurement Upon Issuance of Procurement Card


Conflict of Interest Officer:

Dr. Steven N. Garcia
Vice President for Administrative Affairs and
Chief Financial Officer

Conflict of Interest Coordinator:

Leanne Branconier
Administrative Assistant
Budget Services
Location: CLA Bldg. 98, Rm. B1-123
Tel: (909) 979-6570