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Work Performance Expectations Memo

The Work Performance Expectations Memo (DOC) is a tool designed for both the new and the experienced administrators and department chairs. This document can be issued to employees individually, as a group, or used as a "script" by the administrator/chair during staff meetings. The document is in Word format to allow you to add, delete, or modify it to suit your needs. The main intent is to assist both the administrator and employee(s) be on the same page regarding office and job performance standards. The document:

  • Establishes the line of authority - Who is the HEERA manager? If there is a Lead, that person is clearly identified as having the delegated authority to oversee and assign work.

  • Refocuses attention on the job description to ensure that both the employee and administrator know what job duties will be considered in evaluations, work products, etc.

  • Establishes acceptable and professional levels of office conduct.

  • Helps to address the ambiguity about roles and responsibilities.

  • Is not a disciplinary tool.