Cal Poly Pomona

Applying to the Temporary Emergency Pools

About the Temporary Emergency Pools

The temporary emergency pools exist to produce a collection of qualified applicants to call upon for temporary appointments which range from a duration of several days to several months as determined by the appropriate bargaining unit.

As vacancies occur, a temporary emergency appointment is generally utilized as a short-term replacement during the recruitment period.

Temporary emergency appointments will be made in the appropriate job classification, depending on the needs of the hiring department.

How to Apply

  1. Submit a completed University application and the required supplemental materials (i.e. resume, DMV report, Self-Certification of Clerical Skills) as indicated on the job posting.
  2. Although a resume may be included/required, the employment history section of the application must be completed in detail and include dates of employment, hours worked per week, salary history and former employers' contact information. A resume does not replace the information requested on the application.
  3. On the first page of the application, indicate the Pool name and number for which you wish to apply. For Position Title please indicate the Pool name (i.e. Clerical Pool) and for Recruitment No. please indicate the pool number (i.e. P01).
  4. You may apply to more than one pool however a separate application must be submitted for each pool. Original signatures are required on each application.
  5. Please sign and date your application in the designated area; applications that are not signed are incomplete and will not be considered.
  6. The University does not accept faxed or emailed applications.

After You Have Applied

As departments incur vacancies, qualifying applications are gathered from the respective pools and forwarded to the department's hiring manager. The department may call you to schedule an interview, or may simply appoint you based upon your application. If selected for the position, a Human Resources representative will contact you to extend you an offer of employment.

The frequency of available openings fluctuates and varies dependent upon the operational needs of the University, making it difficult to determine how many openings will arise in the future.

Applications remain active for six months. If after six months you wish to remain in the pool, you may contact Human Resources at (909) 869-4528, however a new application will be required at that time.

Starting Salary and Benefits Eligibility

The starting salary for each position is indicated on the appropriate job posting. Incumbents holding temporary emergency positions are not eligible for University benefits.

Removing Your Application

If you have already applied, and are no longer interested, please contact Human Resources at (909) 869-4528 and request that your application be removed from the pool/s.